Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ground Hog Day

O.K. The day dawned rainy, gloomy and surprisingly warm at 48 degrees. YESSSSS! The groundhog was not going to see his dastardly shadow and decree another 6 weeks of winter. Sadly, the sun came out, the temperature dropped and we realized that this was only a tease. We would have another 6 (or more), weeks of winter weather.

Having looked at the posts in our written journal for last year, we discovered that we had several snowstorms, beginning on February 14th last year with a nor'easter bringing us 7 inches of snow and freezing rain, bringing our year to date total of snowfall to 18". March 2nd brought another big storm, with high winds, snow and ice, storm total 12" for a YTD total of 28". March 17 - St. Patrick's Day, brought another 8" for a YTD total of 36-36", and April 4th snowstorm brings another 15 inches for YTD 49-51 inches.

It is now February 2nd and we are looking at a YTD total of 76+ inches of snowfall. This is what the old Mainers say is what they were used to in the old days. In our experience, March is generally the snowiest month up here, so we are looking to keep the wood fires stoked up for a wee bit yet.

In the meantime, we are busy with making plans for spring - a trip south to see the family, a new pergola for the deck, cleaning out the garage, new plants for the garden, oh, the list goes on and on!

While waiting for the snow to melt, I'm busy keeping body and soul together, which in our case, means cooking and baking.

Pot roast! YUM.

Arroz con Pollo

European Peasant Loaf and French Bread.

The winter days find me knitting, baking bread and keeping the kitties entertained. Today, Sluggo found a warm spot in the sunshine and looked absolutely relaxed. (I should be so relaxed). Spike looked on in disdain from his perch on my recliner.

Sluggo basks in the sun

And so, another Ground Hog Day ends with a beautiful sunset over the bay. Life is Good!


kate said...

Those groundhogs don't always get it right. I wish spring would hurry up and get here. Here March and April can bring some pretty good storms. This winter has seemed the longest we've had.

Carol said...

The same thing happened here. First it was cloudy, then sunny. Maybe the groundhog got confused and we'll have an early spring anyway.

Your dinner looks delicious!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

Now Giddy, did you really think we wouldn't have 6 more weeks of winter? I gave up hope of that long ago. We only got up to 44ยบ here, and not until late afternoon. Thank goodness for that, too, as the drive way was glare ice in the morning.

Sounds like you don't have any problem keeping busy in the winter, though. Your bread always looks devine, and the meals look mouthwatering! And to top it off, in between shoveling and cooking, you produce lovely knits! Very inspiring to the rest of us.

Kerri said...

Groundhogs don't know nuthin, 'cept how to dig monstrous big holes :) We had a cloudy day too. I don't remember seeing the sun. You had it warmer than us.
Ah yes, I remember the Valentine's day blizzard. It was a beauty..and several more big storms after that. We ended up using more than our allotment of snow days at school after barely seeing any snow through Dec. and Jan.
Your dinners look scrumptious!
Spike and Sluggo obviously live a life of luxury. From rags to riches for those 2 lucky kitties :)
I have to see one of your sunsets for myself one of these days!!

Zoey said...

I don't know how you can pull yourself away from the beautiful views you have to go to work.

Simply stunning sunset!