Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm Not Whining!

Honest, I'm not. But it snowed about 6 inches again yesterday and then rained another 3+ on top of that. H and I had just finished plowing/shoveling when the ice pellets began and soon after that we had a torrential rain til the early hours of the evening. Needless to say, we awoke to a glistening "Luge" for a driveway this morning and had to get out to sand immediately. Now, I'm not the only one crying "Uncle". Even the seasoned Mainers have just about had enough. We are all ready for spring and it's a few months, not weeks away (for planting purposes, anyway).
Grumpy Giddy

The boys were looking for anything green too. Sluggo found a spot behind the palm -

While Spike sat on the window seat wishing for a ray of sunshine to nap in.

Well, in our house, there is naught to do but cook and bake on a gloomy, soggy day! H and I had purchased a whole pork loin for $1.68 a pound at Sam's a few days before so we decided to make the whole thing into "Wiener Schitzl" for the freezer. We set up the assembly line with H pounding the slices thinly, and I in turn, dipped them first in seasoned flour, next in beaten eggs, and finally into seasoned bread crumbs. After a half hour rest in the fridge to set the coating, we began to sautee them. We could hardly wait for lunch to try them, but first we had to sautee the entire batch.

Gee, do 'ya think we'll have enough?
Oh, YUM!!!!
Our daily bread selection from our "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" book was the European Peasant bread. The wine was a soft, velvety Merlot. Giddy's mood got considerably better as the day wore on. And what could have been a better way to end the day than to slip leisurely into my recliner and watch a good movie?

T'was not to be as the boys had co-opted my spot. Oh well, don't they look comfy?

And so ended another winter day at Giddy's. Despite this unending onslaught of snow and ice, life is truly good!

Oh, and lest I forget - Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

A flower touches everyone's heart.
Georgia O'Keefe


Teri said...

I feel your pain. I'm on the other end of the country, Washington state at 1700 feet. We still have about three feet of snow on the ground, although we have definitely had some melt in the last two weeks. When you walked on the compacted snow paths, the snow was up to knee level. It's now down around ankle level.

Well, I guess we have garden catalogs to console us ;) I just order up a new one any time it starts to snow.

Andrea's Garden said...

hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. It is gloomy and cold over here in Bavaria, too. I haven't felt much like blogging and I am just ready for spring to come. Nice blog! Andrea

Anonymous said...

We got 8 inches of snow before the freezing rain started down here. What a mess the driveway is today! What do you do if you are away from home when the snow comes? Can you get in your drive?

Thank goodness the sun is getting bright enough to do some melting.

Happy Valentines to you and your husband, too!

Crafty Gardener said...

I can relate to all the snow. Stop by and see my wheelbarrow "now and then"

Kerri said...

You sure know how to beat the February Blahs :) Those Wiener Schitzls look delicious. Great idea.
We've had a scaled down version of your weather. The ice has been treacherous. I slipped in the driveway last Friday and injured my shoulder, so have had a painful, one-armed week off work. Bummer!
The boys sure do add to your decor :) Our kitties are keeping us well entertained too. Maxy went to the vet for her spaying op this morning.
We have a little red squirrel competing with the birds. He's a cutey.
Snow is sliding off the roof onto the porch in avalanches this AM. Watch out below!
Stay warm and kick those boys off your chair...or at least make them move over :)

Terra Hangen said...

Hi. I featured your blog in my column "My top 10 blogs for gardeners" at
I would love you to visit my new blog and say hi and maybe link to me.

Zoey said...

That's enough to make anybody grumpy!

Your meal looked simply delish! I am reading this as I am sipping my own glass of wine and waiting for my fish fillets to get done -- that would be boxed fish fillets --
I would rather be eating at your house, Giddy!

Giddy said...

Thanks, everyone for your kind comments. As gardeners, I know we are all anxiously awaiting that feeling of dirt under our fingernails.

Kerri, I hope your shoulder is feeling better. Have to watch out for that nasty ice. H and I have had the crampons on our boots all week so we can avoid slipping on the ice.

Andrea, it may be gloomy over there, but then you have such beautiful mountain views!

Sandy, we seldom leave if the weather looks threatening. Better to hunker down and ride out the storm. Remember the stocked pantry?

Crafty, I'm stopping by today!

Terra, Thank you so much for the kudos! I'll be spending more time on your blog today, as well.

Zoey, come on over and we'll fry up a big mess of wild Atlantic Striper for you!

Susie said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry I'm a bit late..
It really looks chilly there but you seem to stay nice and warm and cozy. All your great food looks just wonderful!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You deserve a little whine with your wine. That is a lot of snow. We don't have all the snow but we are devoid of any color. I am definitely ready for some spring and summer color.