Saturday, February 09, 2008

This and That

Not much new on the home front, so I'm just rambling on about the past week.

Sluggo has been a great help with making the bed. I guess he's making sure we didn't let any mice in under the blanket.

We did have one relatively mild day and took our usual three mile walk around Sorrento Harbor. I never noticed this display of knots before.

There was only one lonely sailboat in the harbor. At the height of the summer, H counted at least 70+.

We came across these Evening Grosbeaks feasting on fallen apples. I suspect they were quite mushy after being frozen for so long.
H made us a delicious pasta dish for lunch one day. It had chicken, artichoke hearts and capers in it and was quite tasty. He's a wonderful cook and in the summer becomes the "Barbecuetioner", smoking ribs, pulled pork and other grilled delights. I think I'll hang on to him.

This week's bread adventure was baking Challah Braids. They turned out beautifully - almost looked to good to eat!
And last but not least, yesterday H was looking out the office window into the backyard and yelled for me to come quick with the camera. Seems this little guy was nosing around looking for a squirrel snack!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but it was taken through the screened window.

And so ends another busy week in the Great North Woods. More snow forecast for tomorrow. So far, the total is over 82 inches for the season!

Life is Good!


kris said...

Hi Giddy - your challah braids are gorgeous. When I fluffed the down comforter today, I had two dogs "helping" - somewhat like your helper. Hard to fluff with over 100 lbs of extra weight on top! How fun to see the fox - his coat looked beautiful.

Thanks for the feedback on Karl Foerster - everything I've read so far sounds like it's a perfect solution for the streetside space. Rudbeckia sounds good too - were you thinking black-eyed susans or some other variety?? I've also read that daylilies are salt tolerant and thought they might be good in front tucked beside the rocks - any thoughts on that? I've always tried to keep my plants far, far away from the street so they don't have to deal with salt spray, so this is a new learning adventure. I'm thinking I might not have room for rugosas - mine get very wild and sprawly in the lakeside gardens.

Thanks for the peek at bare ground and open water - nice! We had a bit of snow and big winds today - probably headed out your way.

Kerri said...

Yes, you have to be very careful not to let any mice under the covers! Lucky you to have such a good helper :)
Do you get a walk in most days, even in the winter? If so, you have my admiration!
That fox looks pretty healthy. Maybe he's be finding lots of squirrel snacks. We actually have a red squirrel at the moment, near the feeders. Most unusual with our cat population (but most of them are hibernating in the barn).
I'm so envious of your 'man who cooks'!
Love that bread!!!!

Giddy said...

Kris, I have lots of Stella d'Oro daylilys and they bloom beautifully every year. I usually get a big flush in early July and then they bloom off and on til frost. I just have to deadhead, but that's no problem. Black eyed Susans are great. They start blooming in late July and look great til a hard freeze.

Hi Kerri, no we don't get a walk in most days this year because of the snow and ice on the roads, however, we have an exercise bike in the family room and use it when the weather is too nasty. We have also begun to do 30 minutes of yoga most mornings. I can really feel it beginning to limber up my bones!

Kerri said...

I just happened to stop back and noticed your reply to my comment. Thanks! I'm not surprised that you're not getting many walks in this year. We have an exercise bike too which Ross has been riding. He even made a book rack to attach to it. That helps to alleviate the boredom :) He's more diligent than me!
Yoga sounds like a great way to limber up. You have my admiration!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Giddy
My first time here .. I'm loving the gnome point of view .. I have a soft spot for them and cats .. Sophie checks out all possible lint bunny populations for me .. BIG sigh .. she comes out from under the bed smacking her little cat lips .. maybe not so good ? LOL
Love the pictures .. beautiful fox and birds ! Love the bread too : )
"I'll Be Back!" haha