Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Week in Review

Well, it's been another busy one! Tuesday, I went in to work and turned in my resignation, so as of March 31st, I will be officially retired and can concentrate on my garden in earnest this summer. I also planted some basil seeds yesterday.

Wednesday was a busy one with knitting class at Shirley's Yarn and Crafts. I finished one pair of mittens and began working on another one. I'll post pictures on the next post when I finish the other pair.

Thursday, it rained all day long, so that meant a cooking day! I made Lentil Stew, and of course baked a loaf of bread.

Friday, we were in the mood for Boulliabaise, so off to the store for mussels, fennel and a leek. I still had plenty of shrimp and a Striper in the freezer that my friend's husband caught off the Narraguagus bridge late last summer, so into the pot he (the fish) went. Unfortunately, we were so engrossed in eating the soup, that I forgot to take a before photo, so all I have is a picture of the detritus left over after our most satisfying meal. The crows got that.

Saturday it was forecast to snow yet again. Sigh. We made pizza with the last of the boule dough and went to bed hoping for another pass, but alas, we awoke to another six inches of the fluffy, white stuff. Off we went to shovel/plow one more time. We are now at an astounding year to date total of 99.5 inches for the season and March is not yet here. The last nor'easter last season was on April 15th with 15 inches of heavy, wet stuff. We are not out of the woods yet!

Today, we drove in to Bar Harbor, just to walk around town without the throngs of tourists one encounters in the summer. It was great to be able to walk on the sidewalks and look in the store windows without being bumped into by hordes of people disgorged from cruise ships.

This is the Bar Harbor Inn, where we used to stay when we were one of those throngs of tourists! It was a great place to stay and got us thinking about one day living up here. Needless to say, the dream came true.

H was busy all week with his painting and finished this one on the rainy day this week.
The basil seeds began sprouting today! I have them in the sunniest window possible, so I hope to have plenty to begin harvesting this summer.

Of course, we have a couple of lazy members in this family. Sluggo barely lifted his head from his cushy spot on the down comforter for his photo shoot.
Ah yes, Life is certainly Good!

Hugs, Giddy


Kerri said...

Oh good for you Giddy - you'll be exhalting in your garden this summer!
Oh just great...we get the left overs with the crows.....
That Boulliabaise sure sounded good anyway.
You sure are getting your exercise with the snow shovel this winter. It's a good way to work off all that delicious food you're cooking up :)
Bar Harbor (and surrounds) is such a pretty place. No wonder you fell in love with the area.
Life couldn't get any better for those 'boys'! They sure look happy. Love the sidebar pics of them :)
I'm off to see if I have any basil seeds.....

Kerri said...

I almost forgot...your husband is a very talented artist. The painting is gorgeous!

Jane Marie said...

I love the little piece of quilt I see there. And your kitty looks very comfy on it.

Giddy said...

Hi Kerri,thanks for the nice comments. I hope you find the basil seeds. If you're like me, I'm sure you are itching to get your fingers in the dirt too.

Jane Marie, thanks for stopping by. I'll be browsing your blog today.

kris said...

H's painting is awesome - very, very nice! Loved the photos from Bar Harbor and your pizza looked so yummy. We have missed the last few snows, so I'm not getting as much exercise as you - lol - but there's still March, as you note. I'm ready for summer!

Susie said...

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. I hope it's just filled with time for all the things you love.
Your husband is a gifted artist! Loved seeing his painting.
Your food pictures always look (and sound) so appetizing.
Our basil grows year round here. I'll have to post a picture someday soon of all the herbs that are growing right now.

Anonymous said...

I forgot all about that April snow last year! I was thinking we only had another month of "weather" to get through.
Your husband is a very good painter. I am impressed. And Iike Jane Marie, I spotted that little quilt in the background. Hope I have that pattern!
Our snow was not so fluffy that last storm, and the next day, we had so many "snow showers" we had to be plowed again!
Happy Retirement!!

Zoey said...

H's painting is beautiful! Where will you hang it? Or does he sell them?

Congratulations on your soon to be life of leisure! I think you have enough interests/hobbies/snow shoveling (:)) to keep you busy without going to work. Is H also retired or will you have some days to be home alone while he goes off to work? That's what I would love to have--8 hrs. home alone. I never get to be home alone during the day. Maybe some day.......

Giddy said...

H said to say "Thank you" for the kind comments on his painting. To answer Zoey, yes, he has sold paintings, but he does not currently have any hanging in a gallery. The owner of his last gallery passed way not long ago. Time for H to get his butt in gear and find a new gallery.

H is retired and we enjoy spending lots of time together, but he does have his outlets and time with friends. He's much more outgoing than me.

The weather is really beginning to wear on me. Seems like we have a storm twice a week and I don't think the snow will ever go away!

Zoey said...

Thanks for answering my questions. I would think paintings of your local area would spark plenty of buyer interest. It's such a beautiful place to live.

On our local news tonight they said it has snowed 21 of the 29 days of Feb. so I understand how it must be for you with even more snow.

Ali said...

Hi Giddy,

I wandered over from the Garden Ho, it is great to find another Maine garden blogger. I too am ready for the change of season we've had enough snow this year already, it's time to get gardening!

Congrats on your retirement, and I agree with the other admirers of your husband's painting --gorgeous!