Saturday, January 26, 2008

Road Trip to Belfast

Yesterday dawned bright and beautiful, albeit quite cold. Having developed a wee bit of cabin fever with all the inclement weather in the past month, but it still being too cold and breezy to venture out for a walk, we decided on a road trip to one of our favorite towns - Belfast. On our way there, we had to cross the new Penobscot Narrows bridge. It has a viewing tower which we might just have to visit next spring or summer.

Of course, a trip to Belfast had to include a visit to their wonderful grocery store, Hannaford. We have a Hannaford in Ellsworth, but nothing like the scale of the Belfast store. We wandered through the Belfast Hannaford like two country bumpkins, looking much like Ma and Pa Kettle in the big city. The store is so bright and clean and all the displays made our mouths water; the cheese case was full of exotic French bries, sharp Irish cheddars, nutty Swisses and Gruyeres, Italian Fontinas, Parmesans and Romanos. We were in cheese Heaven!

We bypassed the bakery as we have learned the secret of fine, crusty artisan breads, thanks to the "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" method, but oh, the wine selection stopped us in our tracks to peruse the bottles of ruby red Cabernets, the dark Merlots and Shirazes. The Aussie Chardonnays caught my eye, but in the end, I selected an unassuming Glen Ellen, which, truth be told, is more in my budget and my untrained palate appreciates it just as much.

On we moved next door to the Ocean States Job Lots store. This is a place much like Big Lots in the Midwest, showcasing a variety of unrelated items. One of those places that you might find nothing on one day and hit a bonanza on another day. Yesterday was a good find day. I had been looking for a new bird feeder as the one we've had for the past five years had been severely mangled by a bear a few years ago. I had cobbled it back together with duct tape and wires cut from a wire clothes hanger, but it was truly just hanging on. I found the exact same one at half the price I had paid for the original. YESSSSSS! I do love a bargain. Anyway, we found quite a few neat little purchases and wended our way back home, smug in our parsimonious trip.

On our way back home, we came across some cute signs along the road. Some expressed my sentiments exactly, so I had to take a few pictures.
I wonder if Anthony Perkins and his mother had ever owned this one! "-)

I've been working on a wool knitted tote bag and finally finished it. Here it is before felting. H was kind enough to model it for me for scale.

Here it is after felting. Quite a difference!
And, of course, I can't end a post without a picture of the two spoiled members of the family. Just as I was about to hunker down under my "blankie" and have a snooze, who should decide to join me, but His Majesty Spike and His Highness Sluggo. I think they look much more comfortable than me!
Life is Good!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I believe there are three spoiled companions in that chair. I bet H spoils all of you. :)

Your shopping trip sounds like fun.

Zoey said...

Love your tote, Giddy. I am amazed how much it shrinks with the felting.

That bridge is awesome--Penobscot Narrows bridge--I like saying that name.

Glad you got away before cabin fever really set in. I hope to get away next weekend, but it depends on Mother Nature. I really can't plan anything this time of the year.

I bet it was nice and warm under that blanket with the two big cats providing more body heat. The black one really looks BIG in that picture!

Anonymous said...

I knew about the new bridge, but not the tower. Maybe I will get up that way this summer, too. We have been to that Hannaford's. It is a nice one, and very large. Belfast is pretty town, and one I like a lot.

Have you been over to Eastport yet? Since I started readong Sarah Graves mysteries, I have been interested in seeing it.

Giddy said...

Yes, Lisa,we are all spoiled!

Zoey, I hope the weather cooperates with you and lets you get out for a road trip soon. And yes, Spike is a pretty big, handsome boy. I guess I'd better get him on a scale and see if he's in need of a winter diet. Wouldn't be a bad idea for me either!

Sandy, I hope if you ever get this far north, you'll stop by for a visit. It's only about another 30 miles from the bridge to Giddy's Garden.

Susie said...

Love the colors of your tote, and who wouldn't love a nap with their fur babies snuggled nearby? Our Vincent loves to snuggle nearby too, and his 20# provides lots of warmth!!~

Kerri said...

The bigger, fancier grocery stores are fun for a change for us country bumpkins, aren't they? :)
Great find on the bird feeder!!
I'm chuckling at the signs :)
Amazing the difference in the tote before and after the felting!
No post is complete without a kitty picture! Those boys sure have a good life! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandy. Perhaps you can pass on to John that from the photos he's looking pretty good for an old "salt." Tell him I had lunch last Friday with some other 'old' retired Chiefs in Mascutah at the golf course resturant where there's a weekly Chief's luncheon. Tom Lancaster, Mike Preston, Jerry Dougherty and five others were there. Once again, I told the guys about the funny golf experience we had with John where Charlie, Mike, and I hid behind our golf carts when John was getting ready to hit a shot (John was sometimes a "little" wild with his shots)--John noticed us and gave out an "Awww guys!!" exclamation. Funny, how we still remember little fun things like that. You guys seem to be really having a great life up there....away from the maddening crowd, so to speak. Anyway, say Hi to John....and you guys take care.

Giddy said...

Harvey! How on earth did you stumble upon this blog? I'd like to email you back,but don't have your new address. Please drop us a line at John would love to reminisce!

Laura said...

Giddy, enjoyed your road trip and I love that Prez sign! Very funny. Your tote bag is beautiful - great colors, too.