Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spike's Busy Day

The day began, as usual with Spike, ever vigilant, keeping watch over the vermin on the deck. The squirrels and chipmunks at the feeders must be kept in check, lest they venture into Spike's territory in the house.

Giddy and H had gone for their daily stroll in Sorrento, taking in the beauty of the autumn day before the real work in the garden was to begin.
The bronze of the sea grass was reflecting in the small coves on this sunny day.

What a great location this little cape has! But enough of this lollygagging. There is serious work to be done in the fall garden at home.

The Siberian Iris had taken over a large part of the sunny spot in the yard, so Giddy and her trusty tools dug a huge hunk of them out in anticipation of planting something new in the spring. Giddy is still salivating over the blue veronica she spied at the Coastal Botanical Garden in Boothbay.
Spike, of course, was on duty, guarding the yard while Giddy gardened. Ever vigilant, he kept watch, pouncing on any grasshoppers that dared to venture into the "death zone", the 20 or so feet his leash would permit.
The frog in the bird bath looked on in bored silence.The steely eyed Spike has spied Gunter Gnome lurking in the perennial bed under the last of the blooming yellow daylillies!Gunter Gnome cowers under the daylily leaves in hopes of hiding from the vicious feline. Fortunately for Gunter, Spike is not to be distracted from his task at paw of holding the vermin at bay.

And so, another day ends in the life of a very busy kitty. An afternoon spent in pursuit of garden marauders has left poor Spike spent. Luckily, he has a nice, soft spot to sleep and dream of another adventure.

Sleep tight!


Zoey said...

It sounds to me like Giddy was the one having the busy day!

I am still waiting to get my spurt of gardening energy. I almost went out after work today, but couldn't quite force myself to do so.

I decided to ready blogs instead.

kris said...

I think Spike has a pretty good and interesting life!! You got a lot done in the garden - I'm still plugging away on my fall moves. I love the photos of the water - you live in a truly beautiful place!

Kerri said...

Two of my favorite of your gorgeous area...and reading about/seeing pics of Spike...the luckiest cat in Maine!
What a great day for all of you!
That Spike's one busy cat!
I'd love to take a daily stroll in Sorrento.
No wonder you keep saying "Life is good!"
Your pictures are so wonderful. Are you enjoying the new camera? Silly question :)