Saturday, September 08, 2007

Change is in the Air

The camera arrived via FedEx at precisely 1:05 pm yesterday and I immediately launched into the instruction booklet and became instantaneously overwhelmed! It's a good thing it's an Olympus and I pretty well knew where all the buttons were and what they were for, so I could at least take pictures using the AUTO mode. Ah, but she's a real beauty; sleek and black just like our Spike.

The first thing we did after breakfast this morning was head out for our walk in Sorrento. I, with my trusty new Oly went with the intention of photographing the beginnings of color change in nature. The walk, as usual, was great, but due to all the haze in the air, the colors in the photos were not as bright as they normally are.

Some of the maples are beginning to show red

Creeping Jenny is also a lovely shade of burgundy

This hillside of goldenrod stood out in front of the brown garage

The ferns are slowly losing their green summer color and fading to a golden hue

The red maple halfway up the drive has also begun its transformation to brilliant autumn red

The birch outside our bedroom window has begun its transformation, as well. This tree is always the first one in the spring to show green and one of the first to turn yellow in the fall.

Our resident red squirrel looks like he's gotten plenty to eat over the summer. He and his friends are Spike's entertainment during the day. He loves to watch them scamper back and forth, arguing over the sunflower seeds.

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kris said...

I'd say your new camera works really well! Beautiful photos. Your fall colors are ahead of ours - we have a few leaves falling, but no real color change yet. (I'm not complaining!) I bet Spike is quite entertained by watching the squirrels - same with our pooches.