Wednesday, September 05, 2007


We had been dreading this morning. The Spikester was scheduled for his big event at the veterinarian. You know, the shots, the nail clipping, the ARGHHHHH, neutering!

We were not to feed him this morning, so we spent several hours with him anxiously whining about nothing being put into his bowl. He was not a happy kitty, particularly since after all that time of being starved and ignored, he was then shoved unceremoniously into the "pet taxi" and driven to the "event".

Not having had a cat for quite sometime, and not really knowing what to look for I had surreptitiously taken a peek at his nether parts, and figured he was either quite young and had not yet developed, or he had at one time, already been neutered. Well, much to our and his joy, we got a call from the vet saying he had indeed been neutered and it would not be necessary to keep him all day. He had been given the required shots, a good going over, a pedicure and we could pick him up immediately.

He came home, no worse for the wear and after having a celebratory breakfast, was once again the loving kitty who had adopted us. It seems all has been forgiven and our Halloween kitty is once again, comfortably ensconced on his couch!

All's well that ends well.

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