Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Bit of a Scare

Friday, we were out walking when H began developing some chest pains that he had been experiencing for the past couple of weeks. Being typically male, he pooh-poohed the notion that he really should go in for a checkup. I insisted, and took him immediately to the clinic where I work. When we yell "chest pain" at the clinic, everyone pretty much stops what they are doing and tend to the patient. H has never had so much unwanted attention in his life!

Being very thorough, the doctor immediately hooked him up to the monitor and stuck all those nasty little sticky things all over his chest and legs. Now, H has a very hairy chest and although they did do a bit of shaving, the things still caught lots of chest hair. They did one EKG at the clinic and after noticing that his blood pressure was quite elevated despite having given him meds intravenously, they decided to transport him via ambulance to the hospital 16 miles away. He was not amused.

We spent Friday night in the hospital and as you can well imagine, neither of us got any sleep. The nurses and hospital staff were so nice, but despite their best efforts, H was not to be consoled and I finally asked the nurse to give him something for his anxiety - he was literally climbing the walls. However, throughout the entire ordeal, he never lost his sense of humor, and flirted outrageously with the nurses despite being poked, prodded and pricked with needles all night long.

To make this very long story short, after 5 EKG's, 5 or more blood tests to determine that he had not had a heart attack, 2 MRI's and a stress test, he was pronounced fit as a fiddle. Seems that his blood pressure meds were not doing what they were supposed to do, so he was sent home with another prescription and a clean bill of health. We are eternally grateful and exhausted.So, I missed the Garden Bloggers Day, but today I am posting a few pics of the yard, along with a few others.

Life is truly good.
The Pink Dahlias are hanging in there despite some very cool nights.The Gloriosa Daisies have been blooming non stop since late July
The Mandevilla Vine has beautiful flowers, however, I was a bit disappointed in the amount of blooms on the vine. Hopefully, I'll be able to overwinter them and get more blooms next year if I fertilize them more often.

Last evening, Spike and I heard a noise out on the deck. I turned on the lights and Spike and the raccoon came face to face!
I think the raccoon outweighed him by about 25 pounds!


Zoey said...

Oh, Giddy, what a terrible scare you both had. I am so glad it turned out to be only a scare!

Your bright pink dahlia is very pretty. I just went out and picked some of mine to bring inside. We had frost last night so I thought I'd bring them in while they still look nice.

I hope you both have a more restful night tonight.

Carol said...

Life is good, and thankfully it all turned out to be okay for you and your husband. You did the right thing to go right to the doctor!

Your blooms are probably even sweeter today after all that!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

kris said...

I'm so glad this turned out to only be a scare - but I'm sure it was awful until they had figured it all out.

Your flowers are beautiful - I love the dahlia especially.

That was one big raccoon!!

Sandy said...

So glad to hear that all is well with your husband's health. I know it must have been a frightening 24 hours.

Your flowers are beautiful. I have never grown dahlias, but I love them. You have so much more still in bloom than I do. Must be that sea air.

Glad that raccoon was on the other side of the glass, and I'll bet Spike was too!

lauraO said...

Oh, so glad to hear H. is OK. A scare like that does make one count their blessings. Flowers are gorgeous, as always.

Kerri said...

I got side tracked this morning but finally came back to read the rest of your posts...
Goodness, what an exhausting experience for you both, but glad the news was good in the end. Your hubby sounds remarkably like mine :)
Pink Dahlias are at the top of my wish list. Yours are gorgeous!
Aren't Gloriosas and Cosmos wonderful the way they keep on going? Mine are still producing some beautiful blooms too.
I'm glad there was a glass barrier between Spike and the raccoon. It's a big one!