Friday, September 07, 2007

Anxiously Awaiting FedEx!

For quite some time now, I have been hoarding my pennies with the idea of purchasing a new digital camera. I had been reading many online reviews of the various ones I had in mind, but as of a couple of days ago, had not made a definite decision. However, as things like this usually happen, I was forced to make a decision as my trusty Olympus was beginning to do strange things, like not open the lens so I could take a picture. This didn't happen every time, but often enough to irritate me when I could not get the picture I wanted. Considering the fact that over the past three years, I have taken in excess of 6000 photos, it's not surprising that the camera is gasping for it's final breaths.

Therefore, I did a lot of research online, once again, and made my final decision: it is to be the Olympus 550UZ (the UZ standing for Ultra Zoom). I like this particular model for it's 18x optical zoom and the fact that the buttons are mostly the same as my older model. Soooooo, having made the decision, H and I dutifully called around to all the stores to find out if they had this one in stock. Nope, nope, nope and nope! No one within a 100 miles had it in stock. Our only choice was to either have it delivered to the store in question for pickup in 7-10 business days or have it FedExed to the house via overnight for a mere $19.53 extra. Now, given the fact that the old Oly was truly on her last legs, we decided on the latter method and are now anxiously awaiting the new arrival.

The FedEx tracking is marvelous! We got an email with a tracking number and can access the information online. So far we have noted that it left the warehouse in Marion, Illinois last night and arrived in Memphis overnight. It left Memphis at 5:05 this morning and as I write, is winging it's way to me. I am ecstatic!

On another note, I spent the afternoon yesterday in the garage building a window seat box for Spike. I had been thinking about something carpet covered so he could sharpen his claws to his heart's content without me fussing when he attempted to do it on the back of the sofa (which was not very often). I checked out a few in PetCo, but they were way more than I wanted to spend and were not the right size to place in front of the window so he could look out comfortably. Here's a couple of photos of my project which, I might add, only cost $9.95 for the carpet runner which we purchased at Home Depot to replace the old one in the kitchen. The old one became the cover for Spike's "window seat". The wood I used was all old scraps of building material left over from the garage project. Daddy taught me well!

Spike's new corner in the office He took right to it!

Yesterday's walk in Sorrento was beautiful, and of course, I can't walk by the harbor without taking yet another photo of my favorite little sailboat. I hope I can get another one of her with the new camera and it's great zoom lens. This is as close as I can get with the old camera.


Zoey said...

What a great job you did on that feline window seat!

Congrats on the new camera. You will have fun learning to use it.

Is that 18X optical zoom (vs digital zoom)? If so, that should be wonderful for those far away shots!

kris said...

The window seat looks perfect - I bet Spike spends a lot of time there. I love the photo of your favorite sailboat - cool!