Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Today was a quiet day. After our walk, we went in to town to do our grocery shopping and picked up the ingredients for our Marseilles Stew - fish, shrimp, mussels, tomatoes, fennel, leeks, onion, garlic, saffron, white wine and clam juice. This is a photo of last year's stew as today's isn't finished yet. I'll post another pic on a later blog.

This is a picture of the Joe Pye Weed I've been bragging on. I have no idea who that little old lady in the picture is, '-), but I know she's about 5 feet tall, so you can see how big the plant is.

Spike seems to be enjoying his new window box. I caught a pic of him right after a rousing fight with his catnip pillow. I would like to think he's showing his affection for the window seat, however, I think he's just snockered from the catnip!

I also played with my camera, specifically with the video portion. I uploaded it to YouTube, but as Zoey of Perennial Passion blog pointed out, it takes FOREVER to upload a one minute video, so I don't think I'll be doing one very often. Anyway, here is a one minute view of the flowers on my deck.


Zoey said...

Wow, Giddy, that Joe Pye is HUGE!

Loved the video. Your fountain area is just beautiful. I don't remember seeing that arbor there before.

I think YouTube is easier to use than the new blogger video service. I've been trying all day to upload one small video on blogger. I finally gave up after three aborted attempts.

Sandy said...

I like quiet Sundays! Loved the tour of your deck and all your flowers. You don't have an southern accent, I thought for sure you would.

Have fun with that new camera. I know it will get lots of use.

Giddy said...

Zoey, thanks for the heads up on the blogger video. Like I said, if it takes that long, I doubt I'll be posting many to the blog.

Sandy, Ah kin git out mah suthun aksent if I need to, but Ah only do it fer turists! '-)

Kerri said...

Mmmm, that Marseilles Stew sounds wonderful! We'd be hard pressed to get seafood as fresh as yours. I don't even bother to try around here. Compared to Australian seafood it's just too much of a letdown.
Wow, that Joe Pye Weed is enormous! It grows pretty tall in some places around here, but I don't remember seeing it that tall.
I'm impressed with your building skills. Spike's window box is super duper! He's such a lucky cat :)
Loved your video. What a pretty deck you have with the fountain and all the flowers...and squirrels :) Have fun with that new camera!!

Sissy said...

the next time you are feeling "techy", get a firewire. It will make those uploads a lot faster!! Video is a lot bigger than still shots and the firewire will make it go quicker than the USB wires that came with your camera!

Jen said...

I love this blog, and I hope to see more videos of your gorgeous deck and beautiful views! Maine is one of the prettiest places on earth, I think of it as my second home state!

kris said...

Hi Giddy - I loved your video! Your deck and gardens are lovely - it was fun to hear the fountain in the background. The Joe Pye is the tallest I've seen - totally cool. And the water view is stunning - I love water!!

I used the blogger service to upload my video - the first one seemed to load okay, but when I tried to do a second one, it ran for hours and I finally stopped it. I'm going to look into the firewire Sissy commented on!

~Becky said...

Bravo! Your place looks fabulous.

and that "old lady" by the Joe Pye flowers looks like a little girl to me. Cute.