Saturday, July 01, 2006

Good Mornin' Sunshine!

The Earth says "Hello, nice to see you again"!

Looks like a great day to tackle the weeds which have popped up literally overnight. However, I must pace myself as today is the day we have the first launch of the season for the Mango Moose, our ocean kayak. Last year, we were able to have our first paddle on June 5th, so we are just about a month behind in paddles. As our paddling depends on weather, tides and my work schedule, we just don't seem to get out often enough to suit me.

I got up early enough to catch the sun just coming up over the spruce trees and illuminating the delphinium in bloom.

I also caught Freddie the Pond Frog out for an early morning stroll, er hop, in the lawn. Guess he was looking for a slug snack.

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