Monday, July 31, 2006

Gloriosa Daisies

The Gloriosa Daisies are in their glory right now. It's early summer here on the coast and we are somewhat in between the late spring and late summer color, however, the Gloriosa Daisies (which I think are some variety of Rudbeckia) are just blooming their hearts out! Each one has a different face and I particularly love the ones with the dark eyes and bronze faces.

I picked yet another big mess of green beans today - egad! It seems as though they just explode overnight! The green bean salad recipe I learned at my German Oma Elise's has come in handy - we are eating lots of it! Once we tire of the salad, I'll start making the "Bohnen Gemuse" or bean casserole - very much unlike the American version with canned mushroom soup, this one is flavored with sauteed onions, summer or winter savory and a light Bechamel sauce. Combined with new potatoes and a bit of smoked sausage, it is a delectable meal in itself!

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