Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pass the Peas, Please

Romas in the foreground with pole beans in the background. Romas were planted about 2 weeks ahead of the pole beans.

Had our first batch of peas out of the garden last night - Yummy! With just a bit of salt, pepper and a small bit of butter, we steamed them to bright green perfection. Along with the sauteed Haddock, tomato, cucumber and fresh herb (herbs from the garden, of course) salad, it was a meal to remember.

The beans are coming on strong and should be producing soon. We have both Roma Bush and Kentucky Wonder Pole beans and as prolific as they tend to be, we should have plenty for the freezer this year.

Had our second paddle of the season in the kayak yesterday, however, the hot, hazy, humid weather did not make for as pleasant an experience as usual. We did make a stop on the island for our picnic lunch and spent a nice hour just sitting and watching birds.

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