Friday, July 14, 2006

Unnamed Beauty

Last year I purchased a clematis which was supposed to be variety "Jackmanii". I thought the deep purple hue of the clematis meandering through the rosy pink of "Climbing America" would be a stunning match. What weakly bloomed instead last year, was an unnamed variety in a pastel lavender shade. I didn't think the poor thing would make it through the tough Maine winter.

This year, instead of being disappointed in the unplanned match, I have come to see that Mother Nature often does a better job of planning than we mere mortals.

The clematis not only survived, but thrives in the thorny arms of the rose, embracing her companion with tender touch. Her lavender petals and deep purple "eyes" are lovely. I have since named this beautiful, delicate plant, who's determined to "just get along in this world", "Miss Sunshine"!

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