Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yesterday was a day we had been looking forward to all year long - The Belfast Garden Tour! We so enjoyed our day last year and made plans to attend this year's tour again, with lunch in downtown Belfast and a trip to Ocean States Job Lots (an eclectic store with lots of different things, including my favorite things (gardening stuff).

When living in Louisville, we attended the Old Louisville Garden Tour every year and were so impressed with all the different styles of gardening and we've been hooked on garden tours ever since.

We packed our cooler with lots of water, made sure we had sunblock, hats, sunglasses, etc and set off on our fun adventure. Just before we rolled in to Belfast, the truck began misfiring with alarming shaking, feeling very much like we were driving over railroad tracks. Bummer! First priority was to get that checked out as we were a long way from home. Unfortunately, the Ford Dealership garage was not open, but they did direct us to VIP Auto parts where the nice gentleman hooked us up to the computer and informed us the catalytic valve was stuck (or something to that effect). We didn't feel comfortable going on the tour where we knew we would have to stop and start frequently, so disappointed we gingerly headed home. The trip was not a complete bust however, as luck would have it, the Ocean State store was right next to VIP Auto, so we did manage to get a brief shopping trip in. I found several nice Italian clay pots at ridiculously low prices.

We managed to limp back home safely and I found my Ruby Spider day lilly blooming a full two weeks earlier than last year! I'll try to get a picture tomorrow.

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