Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sultry Sunday

Today was warm. I think we have finally acclimated to Maine weather when we think 70's are warm. A bit more humid today, but nonetheless, I worked in the garden most of the day. This morning I weeded and mowed the lawn and this afternoon, I planted more kale - can't get enough kale to suit us, fertilized the potted plants and watered everything else.

The lillies are all beginning to pop. We had a problem early on with the lilly borer - nasty little red bugs that eat the buds. I took care of them in June, but now am seeing their offspring; equally nasty little slug like things that eat the leaves and leave the plant bare. I sprayed water on the plants to get rid of them, but as an added bit of insurance, dusted Bug B Gone on them for good measure. I don't like using chemicals, but sometimes, it's the only way.

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