Monday, August 06, 2007

Gad Zukes!

I picked the first flush of zucchini yesterday and made an old family recipe. H's Mom is Italian (yes, from the old country) and every year she would make what she called "Zucchini Mess". It was really nothing more than a ratatouille without the eggplant, but it was delicious and a great way to use up all those zukes that tend to get away from you in the garden. Another benefit is that it freezes well, so you can have it all year long.

A couple of days ago, our friend whose house is surrounded by blueberry barrens, invited us over to pick all the blueberries we wanted. Never ones to turn down anything free, much less all we wanted of it, H and I hurried over to pick to our hearts content. Of course, it was the hottest, most humid day of the year and the sun beat down wickedly on the barrens. We lasted about 1/2 hour before our backs gave out from bending over and were blinded by the sweat pouring into our eyes. Nonetheless, we got about 5 quarts after all the berries were cleaned and picked over. The picking over took 10 times longer than the actual picking. We went from aching backs to aching feet from standing up to clean them.

H in the blueberry barrens (that's a remote weather station on the rock)

These little Maine blueberries have so much more flavor that the larger, highbush berries grown elsewhere. They are a lot of work to harvest, but boy are they ever worth the effort and we enjoy them all year long from the freezer.

Later on that evening, I gratefully got to sit down for a while and, because I cannot just sit and do nothing, I knitted another little guy for the orphans.

Well, that's the report from the farm today! Life is Good!


Jen said...

Wow, that looks so tasty, can you post the recipe?

LauraO said...

Where's the blueberry pie? I'll be right over....

Another very easy old Italian zucchini recipe is to saute onion and chopped zucchini in olive oil until nice and brown and serve it over pasta. A little parmeson or romano on top. YUMMY!

Sandy said...

I would like the recipe, too, Giddy. What is that to the left of the pot, rice?

Those blueberries look awfully good. You guys were brave to go picking in the heat. That is enough for lots of muffins and blueberry pancakes!

LostRoses said...

Well, you're set for winter now that your freezer is packed with these summer goodies. I bet when the snow is high and the wind is bitter those hot, sweaty hours picking blueberries will be but a distant memory!