Friday, August 31, 2007

The Continuing Adventures of Spike and the Mouse

As the day progressed, the mouse got away from the grasp of Spike and disappeared! Spike spent a few tense hours searching for the critter everywhere and eventually spied him again in the office. Good thing Giddy is not creeped out by little field mice or she wouldn't be sitting here blogging!

Spike searched behind the file cabinet......

Then thought perhaps the wiley rodent had found his way back outside, so peeked out the kitchen window quickly before Mom shooed him off the counter (a big no no)!

Ah, Ha!!! Found you at last and cornered under the bookcase!

Unfortunately, Spike has much to learn about hunting rodents as he let the critter slip through his paws once again. Either that, or he ate him because we can't find him. As a treat, we took Spike outside (with harness and leash). However, from the look on his face, this was more punishment than treat!

Later that evening, Spike's ears perked up at the sound on the deck outside. We looked out and I'm sure he thought "Oh, No! Not another critter with which to contend"!


Sissy said...

Very busy day for Spike!! Good for you to find such an intrepid cat!!

Sandy said...

Hurray for Spike! He has proven to be a hunter. Your photos were great, but what would you have done if that mouse had run toward you when you were on the floor taking the love seat shot?

It is nice to have an adventure in the house once in a while. Spike definitely found himself a good home.

Kerri said...

Plenty of entertainment there for Spike :) The photo of the mouse cornered is a beauty Giddy. They're all great, but that one's my favorite.
I'm smiling at Sandy's question (what if the mouse had run toward you?). Remember, that's what happened to me...but I wasn't clever enough to get any photos of that little critter.
I see you have other night visitors too. So much to do! (says Spike).
No, he doesn't look happy about the leash :)