Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goodby, July

Parting is such sweet sorrow! The garden is in a bit of a slack time with the colorful flush of late spring and early summer gone by. The rudbeckia, liatris, ligularia, monkshood, Joe Pye weed, et al, are just about to burst forth in late summer glory. In the interim, the daylilies are the stars of the garden.

If this year is anything like past Augusts, the first two weeks will be warm and sunny and then, by the middle of the month, we'll begin to notice the nights becoming cooler and by month's end, there will be days with a definite aroma of autumn. The leaves on the trees will still be green, but the hint of fall will be lurking among the goldenrod.
Apricot Ruffles

Ruby Spider - this blossom is bigger than my hand!

Xia Xhing - has the most delicate shade of pink

Buttercream Ruffles is the only one with a delicate scent


Sandy said...

Your lilies are beautiful. I have only two colors, but you have inspired me to add more.

Zoey said...

Nice daylilies, Giddy.

Nothing looks nice in my garden. It's almost all dead from lack of water. I just took some pictures for a post later in the week.

Kerri said...

We went to the lily farm yesterday and came home with 7 new ones! What a paradise it is there!
Yours are all beautiful!! I have one called Ruffled Apricot, which looks the same as yours.
Our August weather acts just as you described. It never seems fair to me to have the nights cooling off even before August is over! No more mentioning the "f" work, OK? :)

Marie said...

I have a Ruby Spider also, and I love it. I've become quite attached to spider daylilies. At first I thought they were strange, but they're growing on me. I now have several types.

Xia Xing is fantastic!

LauraO said...

Wow - I never realized there were so many different day lilies. I'm used to the 'wild' orange variety. Can you tell I'm flower-garden challenged?