Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Late Summer Garden

I took a stroll through the garden yesterday morning just as the sun was peeking above the trees behind the house. The light was so pretty and dappled, so I ran into the house for the camera. Here's what's blooming in late August:Head Gnome, Willy, welcomes everyone to the garden.

The Rudbeckia and Peach Dahlia light up the corner of the fence

The Casa Blanca Lily perfumes the whole garden

A dozen Monarchs flitted around and this guy sat still long enough for a "glamour shot"

The blooms on the Annabelle are so heavy that even with staking they have a hard time holding up their heads!

Looking from the corner of the fence. The Joe Pye Weed in the center planting bed is over 7 feet tall!

Spike was miffed because he couldn't go out with me.

The garage planters really filled out over the summer

We stopped in at Marden's on our way into town and found they were having a huge sale on yarn. Oh, joy! Do you think I have enough to keep me busy this winter?

Yes, life is very good!


Sandy said...

Beautiful! My Joe Pye is taller than usual, but no where near 7 feet!
You have lots more blooming than I do right now. I think I will add more asters for next year. We had them before, but deer love them. This year, no dee, so I will try them again.

I have a line for you--

Giddy bought it, when she saw it, at Mardens!!

Zoey said...

When I saw all that yarn, I immediately thought of winter. At the rate you can knit I don't know if it will last through the whole season!

Your garden is looking good. I've always admired Joe Pye in other gardens, but I could not get it to grow in mine.

Those pot people below are so cute.

Looks like you got a spammer. You might have to put the word verification on to keep them out.