Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Bit of This - N - That

I don't have anything special to post today, so in going through the photos I've taken in the past couple of weeks, I decided to pick out a few favorites.

The purple waves have held up nicely throughout the summer

Last week's lunch on the deck was wonderful, very fresh and healthy

Looking back at the house from the top of the garden

Our favorite spot in the garden. The shade hits there during the hottest part of the day and the breezes coming through the trees makes this a truly delightful spot after working hard all day!

H wanted to know if he could have a "throne" like this one we saw at Kingsbrae Gardens. I don't think the scale would quite fit our little garden!


Sissy said...

Those waves look awesome, Giddy! Not an easy plant to maintain in the garden center, however. I shot them every day with a 20-40-20 fertilizer!!
Now that's one "life sucking" chair H is in!!

Zoey said...

Lunch looks great!

Your waves seem to have done pretty well. I was not at all happy with mine. I have vowed NOT to buy them again next year.