Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spike Earns His Keep

The evening began quietly enough with Mom sitting in her chair knitting, Dad in his chair slipping slowly into his nightly coma, and I was settling down in my favorite spot - the crack between the cushions on the love seat. Ah yes, life has been good since I adopted these two pushovers, three squares a day, a nice, clean kept litter box and a daily show of squirrels and chipmunks dashing across the deck to keep me occupied. What could be better?

I spent a quiet evening with the folks and eventually followed them to bed. It was an early night since they had been hiking all day and were pooped.

I, of course, had also had a long day. It's hard being a watch cat with nothing to watch inside, However! About 3:30 this morning, I heard the sound of tiny paws in my domain. Immediately, I was alerted to the tiny intruder! This shall not stand! No mouse in my house! With lightning speed, I morphed into.........


The intruder had ensconced himself under MY LOVE SEAT, no less. I am incensed. The very cheek of this fellow! I am now ever vigilant, keeping a close eye on the situation.

Will Spike rid his house of the mouse?

Will he save his people from all manner of vile things like mouse droppings, nibbled pantry food, Hanta Virus, or.....

Will the mouse escape the razor sharp claws of the ferocious feline and once again be grateful to be outside with winter coming?

Stayed tuned for more riveting updates on the dire situation in Giddy's household!


kris said...

Hi Giddy - I've been trying to leave you a message for a couple days with no luck - glad I can today!

Your cat is cute - our animals love playing the hunter role, don't they? Our dogs are only too proud to leave the limp bodies of squirrels, chipmunks, and voles for me to find. Ewwww.

Your gardens are beautiful. I love your design and the flower photos are gorgeous. I wish I could smell that Casa Blanca lily - it's one of my favorites. And the lunch you pictured looked so good. I just love eating outside. I am really enjoying visiting your blog!

Zoey said...

LOL, what fun!

I hope he caught it! It's amazing that the mouse was still long enough for you to get a picture.

LauraO said...

Go Spike!! Um, when you're done there, could you come take care of the intruder in my office? Boomer is useless.