Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, America!

From Giddy's Garden.

After a long couple of weeks of sanding and staining the deck, H and I will join our friends at their summer camp for a Fourth of July celebration. We're bringing salsa, bean dip and chips and everything else will be a surprise when we get there, although, I'm pretty certain there will be grilled Maine Red Snappers!

What's that, you ask? Up here, most places serve red hot dogs in natural casings. It's the casings that give the dog their famous "snap" when you bite in to them. The red comes from food coloring. Back in the old days, they would smoke the dogs and unfortunately, the smoke did not always color the dogs evenly, hence, the food coloring to turn them uniformly red. It's quite a surprise to tourists when they see their first red hot dog!

H, staining the deck

East side of the deck

It's nice to have all the flowers back on the deck!


Sandy said...

Giddy, I saw my first red hot dog 37 years ago, when I moved to Maine. I wonder if they are sold anywhere else in New England?

Zoey said...

Your deck looks great! I like the water feature in the corner. I have considered something similar, but haven't bought one yet. Is it a pain to keep clean?

I have never seen a red hot dog. You did take pictures, right?

LauraO said...

Your hard work has paid off - you're deck looks very inviting and cozy. Red hot dogs????