Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beach Glass

Yesterday was spectacular! We enjoyed a kayak paddle on calm seas as smooth as glass, our usual picnic on Hog Island and found several nice pieces of beach glass while beach combing.

Beached Moose

Brown glass is pretty common, as well as the green, but the blue is a rare find. H spotted this little gem!

My other love is driftwood, but unfortunately, most interesting pieces I find are much too large to put in the kayak. I'm still working on an idea to float them home!


Marie said...

I must start looking for beach glass. I have read about it. I should be on the shores of Lake Michigan also. It's beautiful.

Sandy said...

I love blue glass in any way, shape or form. You got some pretty pieces.

Anonymous said...

ha ha, let me know how to take those large pieces of driftwood home too! very heavy, huh.

I love the beach glass, esp. the blue ones too.

LauraO said...

I love beach glass and driftwood too. How about floating some driftwood behind your kayak???