Thursday, July 12, 2007

Enough With the Fog, Already!

Ok, two days of fog is about all I can stand in one week. Especially when those are days I'm off work and could be spending my precious time in the garden.

However, one cannot change Mother Nature, nor coax her to be kind to restless gardeners and we must think of our gardens, who relish the cool dampness of the fog. I can already see the plants breathing a sigh of relief after several weeks of very little rainfall.

The veggie garden is jumping into high gear to get the tomatoes ripe before the first frost. Yikes! I can't believe I actually uttered the "F" word! Frost is about the furthest thing from my mind at the moment, but up here in Maine, it lurks in the dark reaches of a gardener's mind. With the season so short, we are anxious to spend every waking minute enjoying the summer days.

A good garden gnome is never lazy and on those days that I cannot venture into my green domain, I make good use of the time inside by knitting. My latest projects are felted handbags, and the occasional pot holder.

Knitting on H's sweater has been suspended for the summer as it's just too warm to have all that wool on my lap. I've also begun a pair of socks in a new pattern I've never attempted and using, gasp!, a set of #1 needles! These things are like trying to knit with sewing needles! That and the yarn I'm using is so incredibly thin that I had to upgrade my reading glasses to the next strength just so I could see the darned stitches.


LauraO said...

I am definitely knitting-challenged. It's pathetic. You have my utmost admiration for being able to turn out something so lovely.

Sandy said...

Giddy, you don't have to be busy every minute! How long have you been knitting? I know you took a class this year, but if you have come that far since then, you are amazing.

My daughter is the knitter in the family. She makes socks and mittens for her boys and sometimes for me. Occasionlly she will do a sweater, but not too often. She did make lots of sweaters while she was in highschool, including a fisherman's knit guernsey.

No fog here yet, but looks like we might get some rain, and it is quite cool.

Zoey said...

My goodness, those are tiny needles aren't they? So I guess those would be more for dress socks? (I am also knitting challenged)