Saturday, July 07, 2007


I awoke early this morning (3 a.m. to be exact) and after tossing and turning and trying to get back to sleep, I finally got up and did a few internet chores til the sun came up. And what a pretty morning it was. As I looked out the window into the garden, the sun was just coming up over the trees and illuminating the almost blooming Aruncus, commonly called Goatsbeard. The feathery fronds sparkled in the early morning light. Unfortunately, my camera could not quite capture the beauty of the moment.

As I was walking through the garden, I noticed that the Delphinium had also begun blooming and the burgundy dahlia was just about to pop wide open.

Since we were up so bright and early, we decided to take a walk in Sorrento, one of our favorite places. This time of year, many of the summer people have returned for the season and their gardens are beginning to perk up. Most folks are happy to have you peek into their yards, but this friendly person actually invites you in!

Now, that's my kind of gardener. I hope one day I'll see them in the garden and be able to stop by for a chat.

Farther on down the road brought us to the harbor with all the brightly colored boats. My favorite red and white sailboat was moored in her usual spot with the mountains of Acadia in the background. I couldn't resist taking several pictures.


Sandy said...

What an ideal way to begin a day! And, what a place to do it!

Marie (FKA Piana Nanna) said...

I have not been able to sleep past 3 or 4 myself lately. But I, too, have always been an early bird. I love the quiet, cool, dampness. It enhances the anticipation of the day and what new blooms will open.
I love that garden gate. I'd like to know the people that are so generous and sharing with their gardens.

LauraO said...

Beautiful garden, beautiful views.

Zoey said...

Don't you just love having the early morning hours to yourself?

Is that goatsbeard a shade lover? I like it.

Zoey said...

Oh, Giddy, do tell some of those B&B stories! I, for one, would find that very enjoyable reading.

Kerri said...

It sounds like you're enjoying the summer! Early morning walks are an ideal way to start the day and Sorrento sounds like a wonderful place for a stroll.
The goatsbeard is gorgeous in the early morning light. I think your photo captured the moment well. My pink delphinium is just beginning to bloom too.
The harbor looks so serene. How wonderful to be living near the water. The Kayak picture in the post above is gorgeous too. It all makes me want to go back!

Sissy said...

Your place is fantastic in the summer, Giddy! Lucky me to pick this day to read your blog!!
Have a good summer!