Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yesterday's Storm.......

.......was a doozy! We ended up with about a foot of snow and a nice icy crunch on top. The day started off about 3 a.m. when H burst into the bedroom yelling "Aargh! I can't get the computer up and it's the most important weather day of the year"!!!!

Soooo, I reluctantly hop out of bed to tend to the computer and put H at ease. A few minutes and two cups of coffee later, I'm wired and ready to go. The storm is still hours away, but I manage to keep busy learning new things and downloading several software programs which did not come equipped with the new pc.

The snow begins as light flakes lazily drifting down from the sky. This doesn't look too bad, but the weather radar shows an ominous, huge area of snow, ice, sleet and rain slowly descending upon us. As the day progresses, our worst fears begin to take form and the snow and wind whip into a blizzard like white out.

In order to keep up with the huge volume of snow, H and I venture out frequently to shovel snow off the deck and plow the long, uphill driveway. Needless to say, we got plenty of exercise! Our last swing was about 4:30 p.m., and by that time the sleet and ice pellets had begun in earnest. As the light of day ebbed, I think we had a wee bit of rain to boot.
Honest, I really do like snow!


Sandy said...

Wow, you did get a lot more than we did! We only got a bit of sleet before the heavy rain came, but it was a mess to clean up. I went out several times to keep the porch and walk cleaned off, too. I have experienced March snow enough to know that it is heavy to shovel.
Did you coordinate your shovel to your outfit? You sure look spiffy!

Giddy said...

Nope, I just dress for the elements. I never noticed how the shovel coordinated - too funny! The snow is melting quickly now, just in time for the next big March storm.

Kerri said...

This is a lovely picture of you. Thanks for posting it! Sounds like you got lots of exercise, and I'll bet you've had plenty more since, if it's been anything like we've had. What a concentrated winter we've had this year!!
Monday and Tuesday were horrendous with 30mph winds and blowing snow, creating wicked whiteouts. I got caught in one coming home from school on Monday. Scared me to death!