Saturday, March 17, 2007

When the Saints Come Marching In!

Well, here I sit, reflecting on the gloomy weather upon us. Today, we are thanking St. Patrick for the lovely snowstorm deposited on his day. We also enjoyed the St. Valentine's nor'easter a few weeks ago. I think I've about had enough of the dreary winter weather and was looking forward to spring peeking around the corner. After all, we had just experienced a few days of beautiful, thawing weather and were anticipating more of the same. Instead, Mother Nature is thumbing her nose at our naivete at thinking March is a spring month.

Yes, Virginia, we have several weeks, if not months of cool weather with which to contend before our dreams of balmy days, green grass and colorful flowers are realized.

With that in mind, I share with you some of my favorite photos of last summer:

Delphiniums, Goatsbeard, Catmint, Stella D'Oro Daylillies

William Baffin RoseLate Summer Rudbeckias

So much for dreaming - here's reality today!


Kerri said...

Oh thank you for the little glimpse of summer! The promise of things to come!
I'm with you on this weather. My patience is wearing thin! Those couple of lovely warm days last week were just a tease by Mother Nature I guess.
You did a beautiful job with that sweater. You learn fast!
The gardening classes must be such fun!

LostRoses said...

Giddy, what a contrast in photos! But isn't it amazing to think that in a couple of short months your lovely garden will be abloom again? The snow has all melted here and I'm killing myself trying to get some initial clean-up done, but if I don't start now I'll be sorry later!

Sandy said...

I love your garden flowers. And, that is just what I needed to see today. It has to be spring sometime here soon, so I am getting ready.

LauraO said...

Keep dreaming - the flowers are comiing! Some of our snow actually melted overnight, so that can only be a good sign. I can see grass this morning..where there's grass, there's sure to be flowers. Someday.

Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

The photos of your flowers and the rose especially . . . make me yearn for summer. so beautiful.

Happy Spring!