Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Socks -n- Such

I've been knitting ever since I was a kid. My aunt was the one who gave me the needles and taught me very basic stitches. I've always enjoyed knitting simple, flat items, but have always wanted to have the time to learn more.

Today, I attended my first knitting class! What a hoot! Just a bunch of ladies getting together and learning something new while enjoying each other's company. Since I was really interested in learning how to knit "in the round", the instructor started me off on socks and working with four double-pointed needles. After fumbling around for a while, feeling like I was getting my fingers into knots, I finally got the hang of it and away I went.
Today is another one of those odd weather days. Still no snow to speak of but a bit colder and windy. H, who spent 21 years in the Air Force as a meteorologist thinks it's only a matter of time before we get slammed here in the Northeast. Perhaps we can take some of the burden off those poor folks in Colorado! I'm sure they must feel like they're taking the brunt of the bad weather this year. Bet they're not talking about "Global Warming". H has been watching the climatology quite closely and, in his professional opinion, we are just going through another cyclical period. It sets his hair on fire when people with no technical knowledge of climatology pontificate on the weather. (I've got to get him to stop reading the editorials in the newspaper!)

On another note, the winter garden's colors are beautiful in their shades of wheat and rust. The Miscantus Sinensis var. Morning Light is the centerpiece of the garden.


Kerri said...

My mom was a wonderful knitter and I learned young and loved it, but I haven't done any knitting for years. Our daughter, Kylie, is a mad knitter now and makes lots of socks and other lovely things. She also works part-time in a yarn store! Can you imagine?
I have a question about accomodations (specifically bed & breakfasts) around Arcadia that you may be able to answer since you live so close. Ross and I did some research last year with the intent to go up there for a vacation and found most of the accomodations really expensive, especially in peak season. There must be some less expensive ones that aren't listed on the Internet (we think). Do you have any info you could give me on this? You'll find my e-mail in my profile if you wouldn't mind fishing it out.
I've been to Arcadia twice and absolutely loved it, but Ross hasn't been at all.
We agree with your hubby entirely. Some people blame everything on global warming...even the cold. It's ridiculous.
The Miscantus Sinensis looks beautiful. Alice has a picture of it on her blog too (A Growing Delight). Link on my blog. Sorry for the long comment!

LostRoses said...

The morning light on the miscanthus is really beautiful! This is what they mean by "winter interest" plants, isn't it? So pretty.

Good luck with your knitting, I never actually mastered it, though I've tried. I actually ended up with quite a nice half-finished sweater that kitty used for a snuggly bed for years!

LauraO said...

Oh my - I have trouble knitting with two needles. I can't imagine more than that!