Sunday, January 14, 2007

One Down - One to Go

It's been a cold, snowy Sunday and since I'm at a standstill with my sock knitting until my next class on Wednesday, I decided to try my hand at mittens. I downloaded a very simple mitten pattern from the web and proceeded to give it a try. At first the instructions looked daunting and I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off, but I just took it one step at a time and voila! I have a mitten! I am just tickled pink.

Now, on to the other one. I think I'm getting obsessed with knitting and am already thinking of all the sweaters, socks and mittens I can knit for the grandkids. Spring can't come soon enough!

Speaking of spring, the garden and seed catalogs have begun showing up in the mailbox and each one finds me salivating over the newest plants. Since my rock garden doesn't get much moisture, I'm looking at a lot of sedums and the variety "Angelina has caught my eye. One of my favorite garden catalogs is from White Flower Farm and they describe it as a golden ground cover from Croatia, doing best in dryish soil in zones 3-9. I think I may put this one on my list of "must haves" this year.


Kerri said...

Good for you! The mitten looks bright and pretty. Are they for your granddaughter?
My hubby just made out an order for Harris Seeds. I'm enjoying my Garden Gate Magazine and Birds and Blooms. Lots of great info and ideas. I'm dreaming of spring too :)
Glad you got a little snow. None here today, just rain.

Giddy said...

I love Birds and Blooms! I get so many great ideas from it and it's nice to see some of the beautiful birds up close enough to enjoy the colorful markings. I'll have to check out Garden Gate.

Zoey said...

Nice mitten, Giddy.

I've been getting those seed catalogs, too. I have not looked at any of them, though, since I never order seeds.
My latest Birds & Blooms is still in it's plastic cover. I've been reading too many library books to get to it...
I have not yet gotten into the flower usually happens at the end of February. said...

Beautiful mitten!
I have some of that Angelina sedum and it is lovely and tough. Watch where you put it because it's a little sneaky. I've got it on the house side of the front walk and little tufts of it have popped up on the opposite side! So far it's easy to weed out but I've got my eye on it.
I love all the gardening catalogs arriving...sometimes I think my favorite part of the garden is the January part: still in my imagination! ;)