Sunday, January 21, 2007

Giddy's Murder!

HA! Now that I have your attention, let me explain today's blog title. A flock of crows is commonly known as a "murder". We have a murder of about 5 crows that check in with us every morning to see what morsels we may have left for them on the driveway. Yesterday, we prepped all the chicken leg quarters we purchased on sale at the grocery (cut into pieces and skin removed) and had lots of nasty, slimy chicken skin left over after the prep. Instead of leaving it all to rot in the trash can til trash pick up day, I put some of it out on the drive for the "boys". They immediately swooped down and began a frenzy of feeding - they were in seventh heaven! Since I only have a 3x optical zoom on my camera, I can't get a good, close up photo, but I managed to get this picture of three of them parading up and down the drive in search of more goodies."Leroy (the ring leader) and the boys"

On an update on the knitting - I finished the mittens and am now on my second pair - some for H. Knitting class was fun last week, although I got off track and had to rip out all I had accomplished on my sock that day, soooo, I'm still just at the heel and will have to wait til I get further instruction for the remainder of it. Since I'm a visual type person, once I see it done, I'll be able to do it again. I'm just not much good with written instructions.


Zoey said...

wow, Giddy, those are adorable!

I can't believe you did those on your first attempt! They look more difficult (with all those colors) than a beginner could do.

Very clever title, by the way!

Giddy said...

Thanks, but it wasn't that difficult as the yarn is multicolored and makes its own stripes.

LauraO said...

I love the colors on the mittens! They're beautiful. And I like crows, too.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

What bright colors~ I love them. Where is the matching boggin?

Kerri said...

I see those mittens are not for your granddaughter! :) They're so bright and pretty...good job!
At school last week we read a book about animal mothers and babies. At the end it listed the names of groups of animals and one of them was crows. So I just learned about a 'murder'. Funny coincidence :)
It's very kind of you to share with the crows. I'm sure Leroy and his friends appreciate your kindness :)