Friday, January 26, 2007

The End is Near!

This week's knitting class was a blast! Six of us ladies had such a good time giggling and enjoying the ambiance of surrounding hanks of colorful wool and great company, all the while just knitting away. One is making a sweater, another a kid's hat, two are knitting scarves and I'm almost finished with my very first attempt at socks.
This is not a very good pic - can't get close enough with my camera, but H saw three pileated woodpeckers sitting in the maple tree next to our house. What thrill to see these beautiful birds. Up close, they are huge with bright red heads and black and white bodies.


Kerri said...

I'll bet you'll miss the knitting class when it's over. Sounds like a fun winter activity.
How lucky to see three pileated woodpeckers! If I could just see one, I'd feel priveleged. Your sea smoke pictures are so beautiful. Just love that view. We had -5ยบ here yesterday morning and a nasty wild chill factor. Winter has definitely arrived in NY!

Sandy said...

You were lucky to see the woodpeckers so close. I hear them in the woods, but have only seen them a few times.
Great job with your knitting!

Zoey said...

You have to put the sock on your foot, stick it up in the air and take a picture to be a true blogger knitter!

It looks great. You must be learning a lot at your class.

Giddy said...

Kerri, I think I'll be attending the class for quite some time. We ladies seem to have bonded quite nicely. Of course, when the weather warms I'll be anxious to get back into the garden so I may take a hiatus til next fall!

Sandy, we seem to have a family of pileateds living in our woods. We are so fortunate.

Zoey, I hope to finish the socks at class today and you can bet that I'll have them on tomorrow's blog - stay tuned!

Hugs to you all!