Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So, How Cold Is It?

Pretty darned cold, I'd say. Temperature this morning was -6 degrees. Getting out of a nice warm, flannel lined bed this morning was not an option until H had the wood stove cranking out significant heat!

Upon finally getting up the nerve to remove myself from my nice fuzzy cocoon, (getting out of flannel sheets with a flannel nightgown on is like removing ones self from velcro!), I looked out the window to see the beautiful sea smoke hanging over the bay.

Yep, nothing to do but get a spicy lentil stew simmering on the wood stove! The house is now toasty and the aromas are delicious.
I'm off to my knitting class - what a great way to keep warm - sitting amongst thousands of hanks of wooly yarn, chatting and knitting away.


LostRoses said...

Sea smoke! I've never heard that phrase but it sure describes your photos. Very nice!

Zoey said...

I love hot soup on a cold winter day. (I had squash soup last night)

We have yet to experience negative temps this year. I am sure it's coming. We have never had a winter without below zero temps yet. At least you have some gorgeous scenery when you finally do drag yourself out of that flannel cocoon!

Sandy said...

You sea smoke shots are beautiful! And, that soup looks good, too.
I just looked back at your knitting. You have knitted before, right? That mitton looks good. I can't knit, but my daughter is a really great knitter, and I get lovely things from her.

Giddy said...

We only see the sea smoke on bitterly cold days. I think it's like fog and is created because the ocean water is warmer than the air. It's really quite beautiful.

Zoey, I had squash soup for breakfast this morning!

Sandy, yes, I have been knitting very simple things since I was a kid. The mittens and socks are quite a challenge, but I'm having a ball.

Zoey said...

and I thought my mac and cheese for breakfast this morning was original.

I think your squash soup for breakfast beats my mac and cheese! LOL