Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's snowing again. Not that I mind the snow; it's beautiful. However, I am beginning to get somewhat tired of shoveling and plowing. I was supposed to go to my knitting group, The Downeast Knitiots today but there was just too much work to be done clearing the snow that fell overnight. I have a new post on my other blog, The Downeast Knitiot, if anyone is interested in catching up with my projects and Sluggo, my Quality Control Cat.

Yesterday, before the snow began in earnest and the roads were still fairly clear, we headed over to the Town Office to pay the second half of our property tax and renew H's Conceal Carry gun permit. The office is located on the shores of a quaint Maine harbor and as I had the forethought to take my camera, I got some nice winter photos. Of course, I'm sure those of us living in the Great Frozen North will not be amused! "-)

This is a picture of the giant fisherman standing next to the only sardine factory remaining in the US, so the next time you open that can of sardines to put on top of a cracker, think of Giddy!

We drove by one of our favorite stops in the Schoodic portion of Acadia National Park....

however, it was much to cold to stop by for a picnic beside this towering spruce tree!

I seldom get the opportunity to photograph a sunrise as it comes up behind us, hidden by a hillside of spruces, but I did manage to get a shot of it sneaking up over the trees and illuminating a snow capped Cadillac Mountain across the bay.

And, so ends another post, written while we wait for the snow to end so we can head up the hill with the plow yet one more time!

Life truly is good!

Hugs, Giddy


Zoey said...

Hi Giddy,
I am quite surprised to see that the water has not frozen over. Around here everyone is ice fishing. We have not had a lot of snow this season, but we have had some pretty cold weather.

It's good to hear that all is well in your part of the country.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if I see them every day. Snow photos are wonderful. You got some good ones yesterday, too. I even take my small camera in my book bag to the library, down at the ocean end of Scarborough. Hey, you never know when you will see something!

Really, that is last sardine plant? Some of my friends from up the coast worked there when they were young.

Giddy said...

Zoey, it has to get pretty cold for an extended time for the cove and bay to freeze over. From what I hear, even some of the lakes are not frozen enough for the ice fishing shacks.

Sandy, yes, that's the last sardine cannery in the US, but it's owned by a Canadian Company. I think they can under the Bumble Bee name.

Kerri said...

That's such a peaceful scene with the boats.
I'm always happy to see your snow photos. You live in such a beautiful area.
You really captured the beauty of that sunshrise. Gorgeous photo!
Sorry you have to shovel and plow so much...but look on the bright side - you and H can enjoy all that wonderful cooking you do without gaining weight because you exercise it all off!
I'm glad you are going to get away from it for a while though. Enjoy your warm vacation and soak up some of that Fl sunshine for me.
We have glorious sunshine here today but it's chilly outside.

jenn said...

What a beautiful sunrise picture! Winter is gorgeous here, isn't it?