Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

The New Year's Eve moonrise was quite lovely as a nearly full moon rose from behind the trees and the next day,.........

2010 was ushered in with a three day snowstorm up here in the Great Frozen North! It began innocently enough with a little light snow, the kind you sit admiring from your arm chair, glass of Chardonnay in hand and a toasty fire in the stove.

Then, day Two arrived with yet more of the fluffy white stuff and our world view was one of glistening beauty and through yet another glass of lovely wine, we marveled at Mother Nature's bejeweled cloak.

Day Three, the Siege continues! As we threw another log onto the fire and watched what had now become a raging blizzard, we grumbled under our breath and decided it was time to break out the bourbon. We couldn't see squat outside because the howling wind had whipped the snow into a freaking white out. We begin to realize that tomorrow was not going to be much fun when we'd have to get out in this mess to begin plowing and shoveling the now 18 inches of snow which, according to the weather report had thus far fallen. We won't even mention how deep the drifts were apt to be.

Day Four. I gingerly open the front door to peek out and assess the day's chores.

Little Sluggo, who was born at The Ark Animal Shelter, had never set foot in snow and zipped out between my legs onto the front porch. He found himself standing in three inches of cold, wet stuff and for a split second, his eyes widened to the size of two golden saucers. He immediately whipped around and high tailed it back into the house!

For one brief moment, I stood admiring the beauty of the frosty, glistening landscape and then, reality set in. This was gonna be a lonnnngggg day.

And so, the work began. H manned the plow while I threw the shovel over my shoulder and sang Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go and began clearing the first of several necessary areas.

I wandered a bit up the hill to see how badly the snow had drifted and found this cute snow goblin sitting in the woods. Mother Nature does have a sense of humor!

After about 2 1/2 hours, we cried "Uncle" and went back inside to nurse our poor, tired muscles.

Now, since this is technically a gardening blog, not a venue for griping about the weather, I should mention a few "green" things. For the first time since I was gifted a cute little Christmas Cactus by a dear friend, this plant has finally bloomed at the proper time. Last year, it bloomed off and on during the year and did nothing for Christmas. She is, however, making up for lost time this year and is covered in gorgeous blooms. This photo shows her with lots of buds which have since blossomed. I have to try to get a good shot of her in her glory.

A close up shows off the delicate beauty of her blooms.

I told my grandchildren that I would be trying to grow an avocado tree for them as a gift when we visit them this winter. I started two seeds and this one really took off. The other one is just now beginning to send up a shoot.

H has been after me for a long time to submit some of my photos to our local newspaper. Last week, I finally relented and sent in a shot of the Winter Solstice sunset. Much to my surprise, when we purchased last week's Ellsworth American, we found my photograph featured as the front page banner! Wow! I am so honored.

And so, Dear Ones, I end this post with a wish for all of you. Please have a warm, wonderful, happy, healthy new year. Keep your loved ones close and tell them often how much you love them. Don't let things get in the way of life's pleasures. Life is too short to worry if your house is clean enough or worrying about what people may think of you if you have dirty knees or fingernails from digging in the garden.

Mother Nature offers her bounty and beauty. We just have to open our eyes and enjoy it.

Life is Good!

Hugs, Giddy


Anonymous said...

The same to you Giddy. You have some good photos in this post. And, I had forgotten about making a plant from an avacodo. I am going to do one, too.

We didn't any where near that much snow. But we had it for four days!

Zoey said...

It looks beautiful, Giddy. If you go to Florida next year, you will miss all that beauty! :)
Congrats on getting your photo published -- in the front page banner yet!

Kerri said...

You sure did end up under siege! It's gorgeous country up there, but all that snow is a bit much. You two get plenty of exercise!
We've had plenty of snowy days, but the snowfall has been fairly light most of the time so we've only had to plow the DW a few times. But it's been so cold!!!!
Our housecats do the same thing as Sluggo mostly. If they do go out they come back pretty quickly :)
Aren't those cactus blooms gorgeous?
How exciting to have your sunset picture in the papter! Good for you! It's absolutely beautiful and well worthy of the front page.
Wishing you and H a very happy and healthy New Year dear Giddy.