Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a Deep Freeze Downeast

Well, it IS January in Maine, after all! Cold is to be expected and cold is what we have. Last night we got down to 0 degrees and the rest of this week is not looking to get any warmer. However, on the positive side, we did gain 18 minutes of daylight.

The full moon we've had for the past couple of days, while beautiful, has kept our bedroom lit up like Broadway, making sleep a wee bit difficult. I really must do something about that one of these days. I have a few ideas, but finding the time to do sewing eludes me. Right now, I'm into declutter mode. Each day, I try to do one small decluttering chore; files shredded, magazines tossed, a cabinet cleaned and reorganized, etc.

Photography has taken a back seat these cold days, but I did notice the setting sun glinting off the snow covered spruces in the front yard yesterday, so I dashed out to get a quick shot.

This morning was really bitter cold, but the sunrise was gorgeous! I jumped out of bed, grabbed the camera and did NOT open the slider to get these photos of the sun highlighting Cadillac Mountain with a soft, pink hue. I expect the shot would have been better had I opened the door, but unlike H, who trudged up the driveway to fetch the newspaper, I'm not that crazy!

Since it's too cold and icy to get our exercise outside, H and I spend 30 minutes most days downstairs in the family room, he on the stationary bike and I on the Nordic Track. If the Sopranos are on the TV, it makes the time fly.

Now, mind you, we are generally up with the chickens and once the sun drops behind the hills, we are ready to get comfortable and settle down for the evening. First order of business is to change in to our "comfies", then stoke up the wood stove and then decide what the evening's televisual feast will be. After leaning back into our life sucking chairs, I pick up my knitting and with a cat or two to help keep my tootsies warm, we spend a quiet, toasty winter evening.

Life in the Great Frozen North is good!

Hugs, Giddy


AZ said...

I'm a first time reader, I can't grasp the concept of living in your kind of cold, I live in Arizona (born here, raised here, and will probably will die here), we are having a beautiful 72 degree day with lots of sunshine!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. what a gorgeous place you live in girl ! I am dead jealous : )
Hubby and I are the same way too ! We do our errands/shopping as fast as possible then get home and get in our comfy clothes and the world is shut out .. we share cats in shifts ! LOL

glbuzz said...

Yes, it is cold up here in Maine. -11 here this morning but this afternoon it warmed up to a balmy 18 for a while and that sun made it feel warmer.

What a beautiful view you have, Sandy. All I can see is woods from my windows. Not bad but certainly not what you see. You are truly blessed.

Giddy said...

AZ, I know just what you mean. My boys both live in Florida and I always tell them there's no way we are every coming to live with them! "-)
Joy, H and I absolutely love the rut we're in!

GL, yes, we are blessed. Considering we purchased this property sight unseen!

queenserene said...

Hello Giddy, Just discovered your enjoyable blog here in the Midwest. Family and I are interested in all things Downeast because we might retire in your area one day. Love the cold, the scenery, gardening! Regards,

Giddy said...

queen, where Downeast are you looking? If I can answer any questions for you, just let me know!

jenn said...

I'm south of you in central Maine. None of my extended family can understand how I make it through the winters here, let alone that I enjoy them. The pastel hues of the winter landscape and snuggling indoors near a woodstove are their own brand of magic, though.

Giddy said...

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, all our relatives thought we had lost our minds when we moved up here, but it's the best thing we ever did. We love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely visit to a northern winter. Pretty as it is, I prefer to visit via the web, while staying warm in sunny Florida. Oh, but it's cold here too this morning. In the 50s!!! I love the photo of you on this blog. You look so contented and happy. Life IS good.

Zoey said...

Hi Giddy,
I had to look twice to make sure that wasn't ME in that chair. You dress exactly as I do when I am cocooning at home... which is after 4:00 p.m. every work day and all weekend long!

I am thoroughly enjoying being housebound this weekend. I think we got over 8 inches of snow again.

Take care, my friend, and stay warm.