Thursday, January 22, 2009

Digging Out

Man, did both the local and national weather service miss this one! We were supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow over Sunday and Monday. Piece of cake. We were prepared, right? Well, before all was said and done, we were inundated with 22 inches of white stuff.

It started out with a nice, fluffy snowfall, slowly drifting down during the day. It was beautiful. That evening, it turned to sleet and later rain, which caused us to have a nasty layer of ice under the next layer of fluffy, white stuff, which turned in to heavy, wet stuff.

We had plowed and shoveled until late Sunday afternoon and thought we had seen the end of the storm, which up to that time had dumped about 15 inches on us. Harumph, so much for 5 -9 inches. Then, waking up on Monday, we were surprised to find that Mother Nature had wickedly dumped another 8 inches of snow on us. Up and at 'em again with the plow and shovel, however, this time, it was not nice and fluffy and easy to move. Instead, it was a wet, heavy blanket with a layer of ice and slush sandwiched in between. YUCK!

This picture was taken *before* we plowed for the second time on Monday.

By the time we finished up, this pile was taller than me!

H's bumper sticker reads "Stop Global Whining". 'Nough said.

Life is pretty white and cold this week!

Hugs, Giddy


GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. I love that hat girl !! LOL
We are in the same boat here in Kingston .. lots of the white stuff .. I am having thoughts of trying to dig out my car .. but I will wait for hubby to snow blow and he might .. well he probably will crack my car our of the snow jail it is in .. haha
We have snow piles higher than we are too .. jeez ! LOL

glbuzz said...

Love the bumper sticker!

Lancashire rose said...

Sometimes I feel a little nostalgia when I see those snow photos. It is such a pretty scene. Then I remember the getting the car stuck in the snow and all those boots and liners drying on the vents and the driveway getting narrower and narrower as the winter progressed. Our snow never went away in Montreal. I think I even like the Texas summers now!

Zoey said...

I know just how you feel Giddy. We have had more than our share of heavy snow this year.

It is beautiful, though.

Cute bumper sticker!

Giddy said...

Joy, that hat keeps me sooo warm! It's lined with fleece and H says if it was just red, I would definitely look like a Giddy Garden Gnome.

gl, H is a retired meteorologist and has definite, scientific opinions on global warming.

Rose, I sometimes feel nostalgia about the heat and humidity in Kentucky, but I get over it really fast when summer arrives! My children live in Florida and they know there is no danger of Mom and Dad ever coming to live with them! "-)

Zoey, I don't think either one of us has seen the last of snow storms this winter! Let's just hope Mother Nature takes pity on us and sends us 4-6 inches at a time.

Kerri said...

Less at a time would be better, for sure!
I want one of those bumper stickers!! Love it! :)
I too love your hat. It doesn't need to be red for you to look like "Giddy the Garden Gnome" in it. It's perfect :)
BTW, We have that exact same weather station.
Now stop showing off just because your snow piles are bigger than our! :)
We had 2ยบ on the back porch this morning and our driveway is very icy. Yesterday morning the landscape was magical...covered in snow and ice but I had to work, so no time for pictures. Maybe next time I'll be luckier.