Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and you are now ready for whatever the new year brings.

H and I decided that we really needed to get on the stick and do some serious decluttering. Tucked away in our downstairs storage area, we had files from our Inn at the Park Bed and Breakfast business dating back to 1997. High time to shred those things and get them out of our lives. Actually, we only need to keep files for seven years, so we are woefully behind in purging activities.

Soooo, today, H and I spent two and a half hours shredding files. The poor shredder overheated on several occasions.
We ended up with an entire contractor bag full of shredded paper, and that was only one year's worth!

In the meantime, I mixed up a batch of English Muffin dough and made another batch of French rolls for the coming week or so.

These rolls just keep getting better and today's lunch was roast beef and cheese sandwiches with fresh basil.

Taking a cue from Joy over at Garden Joy for Me, I took a few minutes to try to organize my copious photo collection. I deleted quite a few less than perfect photos and enjoyed viewing many of the ones I took this past summer. I was quite enamored of the ferns. So nice to remember how glorious green is!

Ah, yes! Summer will come again. I believe Crafty Gardener has a countdown on her blog - only 74 more days!

Life is Good.

Hugs, Giddy


GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy !
Well done you and hubby ! .. We did a new file cabinet and cleaning out of files (yup .. that 7 year thing is what we follow too .. but we haven't as much as a business would .. phew !)
Isn't cathartic to do these things though ? .. shredding and getting rid of paper work etc ..
Even small chores like cleaning out the hall closet (why we have so many jackets is a mystery to me) .. dropping off things to the good will places .. odd jobs that help organize us.
I'm glad to have copied all my 2008garden photos to CD .. phew !
A fresh start .. and maybe a little better at organizing them this year ?? Yeah RIGHT ! hahaha
PS .. Your baking and cooking make me crazy .. it sounds and looks so darn yummy !!

Kerri said...

We too need to do some serious decluttering - one of my least favorite jobs! I just have to decide where to start. Funny how our thoughts turn to decluttering at the beginning of the year.
I'm beginning to think I don't feed my husband well enough! Or maybe it's him that's beginning to think I don't feed him well enough...he does read your blog, after all :)
Your delicious cooking is inspiring, Giddy, and your food photos always make my mouth water.
Stay warm up there!

Linda Williams said...

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