Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hunkering Down for the Blizzard!

The hatches are all battened down, the pantry and freezer are stocked, the generator is ready to fill in if necessary, the wood totes are full and I have several knitting projects in the works. I think we're ready for the blizzard that is predicted for us beginning later on today.

When I looked outside early this morning, I could see something was brewing. As I looked across the bay toward Mount Desert Island, I could see sea smoke rising from Frenchman Bay. That, and a steely cold sky usually portends some "weathah" coming our way. Sure enough, the weatherman is predicting a nor'easter along with high winds - a BLIZZARD!!!!

I dragged out the North Seas Shawl I knitted over the summer and put it on my chair so I could throw it over my shoulders as I sit knitting my new "big" project - a lacy, hooded sweater.

I also finished another Eco Market Bag with some of my leftover cotton odds and ends. This project is really easy, doesn't take much paying attention and is cute. I'm going to fill this one with lots of baby items for a friend who recently had an adorable baby girl.

Sluggo has already claimed his spot on the ottoman which is close enough to the wood stove to be really warm. He uses his favorite fleece blanket to "make biscuits" before settling down for a snooze.
We'll check in again tomorrow to let you know how we survived the Winter Solstice Blizzard.

Happy Winter Solstice to All! Now we get to watch the sun slowly come back north. Can spring be far behind??? (Only in my dreams)

Life is good in the GFN (Great Frozen North)

Hugs, Giddy

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Kerri said...

We got socked on Friday with 8 inches, and today's snow added about another 3 inches. Driving to church this morning was slow going because the roads weren't plowed, but oh my, was it glorious! Coming home was even prettier. The plows had been out and the snow had stopped.
I hope you stayed warm and had a productive knitting day. You're doing some great work.
Sluggo has exactly the right idea. He looks very cozy :)
I hope the blizzard wasn't too bad. We're supposed to get high winds tomorrow. I'm glad all my shopping is done! It'll be a good day for baking if the power doesn't go out.