Friday, December 05, 2008

Fa la la la...........Oh, Bother!

I am so in awe and envy of my fellow bloggers who spend hours planning and decorating for the holidays. My attempt at holiday decorating is quite sparse in comparison.

Now, I'm not exactly a Grinch, but I find the whole holiday business tiring. For one thing, the meaning has gotten way too lost in history. What started out as a celebration of the sun wending it's way back north to warm the earth and an anticipation of the return of earth's fertility and bounty has often turned into something quite different.

I love anything made of natural materials, and our good friends graced us with a homemade wreath of balsam, pine cones and reindeer moss. Just the perfect thing to decorate Giddy's door!

The only other decorations in the house are ones made by my mother. Her ceramic Christmas trees are dear to me and grace our home every year.

Mother Nature did her part yesterday by blanketing our little corner of the world with about 5 inches of sparkly white stuff.

Of course, it also has it's downside!

Oh well.

Life is always good!

Hugs, Giddy


Anonymous said...

Nice wreath! I agree with your sentiments 100%. Dan and I make it a point to do 90% of what little holiday shopping we do at local craft fairs and local merchants. I must admit, though, Christmas is when I give free rein to my inner magpie, and if it is shiny, sparkles, twinkles or does all three I'm happy!
The ceramic trees remind me of the ones my mom made, unfortunately gone now but clear in my memory.
Happy holidays!

Zoey said...

Your wreath is perfect for your beautiful surroundings!

Boy, your deck floor sure is shiny. Did you varnish it? It looks great.

Those cookies I posted were suppose to be the secret recipe for Mrs. ???? (the name suddenly escapes me). Long blond hair, very successful cookie business....I know you know who I mean.... :) Perhaps the person I got it from confused it with the Neiman Marcus recipe?

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. We don't "do" Christmas, we experience it. Everything here is natural, too.

We didn't get much snow yesterday, but boy is it cold!
Only about 16ยบ here now.

Giddy said...

Ali, all of my gifts this year are either knitted by me, photographed by me or cooked by me.

Zoey, the deck is wet that's why it's so shiny. We put Australian Timber oil on it last spring and it got a wee bit darker over the summer than we anticipated.

Sandy, we started out this morning at 9 degrees and never got above 16 like you. Tonight is going to be 0-9 degrees. Brrrrrr.

WiseAcre said...

Don't you miss the days when retailers at least waited to after Thanksgiving to "decorate'?

Snow is about the only early Christmas decoration I want to see. The same storm passed through here on it's way to your house. From the looks of your pics I see it didn't lose any enthusiasm.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. I love your view on decorating .. keeping it simple and natural when possible : )
I actually made one of those ceramic trees ages ago .. I think it may still be in the house some where ? LOL
That wreath is gorgeous .. you have me thinking my pretend one should leave soon ? haha
Nice simple post ..
PS .. you live in a gorgeous part of the country girl !!

Giddy said...

WA, that early decorating in the stores kind of dilutes the whole season. One store I noticed, did not even wait until Halloween was over before the Christmas stuff came out.

Joy, yes, we are so fortunate to live here, even if all our relatives think we're nuts.

Kerri said...

I too love natural decorations like your pretty wreath.
Ross will cut one of our own little trees for the house when he gets over the miserable cold he has.
I love Christmas for the celebration of Jesus' birth, but I find the commercialism very tiresome.
Something I'd love to do is decorate a tree with treats for the birds, but so far I haven't managed to fit it in. I hope to one of these days.