Monday, December 01, 2008

A Faerie Tale

The faeries and wood nymphs came rolling out of the woods, groanin'. Their full tummies had about all the Thanksgiving blessings they could manage.

"Dear Giddy", they implored, "What in the world are we to do with all the leftover mashed potatoes"! We made wayyyyy too many and we don't want them to go to waste".

Now, Mother MacCree would not approve of wastefulness, so Giddy put on her thinking cap and came up with a solution. "Why, make Colcannon, she replied".

"Sigh, said the faeries and the nymphs, but we and the Leprechauns have had Colcannon up to our eyebrows. Can ye not come up with something new, hip and with it? Not that we don't like Mother MacCree's Colcannon, but we'd really like something that we can serve as a side dish, not a main dish. Can ye help us, Ms. Giddy"?

Ms. Giddy took pity on the poor babies and set about to come up with something one could do with cabbage, onions and mashed potatoes that would suit the woodland resident's needs.

First, Ms.Giddy thinly sliced the cabbage and onions and sauteed them in canola oil til soft.....

then, added the cold, leftover mashers.......

she added one egg and mixed well......

then, Ms. Giddy, who fancies her fine self as a bit cosmopolitan, with her wee wet hands, made little patties of the mixture and dredged them in Japanese Panko bread crumbs. Now, isn't that hip, and new? She then put them into a frying pan with a wee bit of canola oil and fried the tiny beggars til they were nice and golden brown on both sides. Oh, the joy! When ready to eat, they can also be topped with a nice shred of Cheddar and put under the broiler!

The faeries and wood nymphs were beside themselves, but the Leprechauns had long since tired of the process and heid themselves off to their hidey holes to count their gold coins and enjoy a wee dram of their Jamison stock.

In the end, the faeries and nymphs carefully wrapped their treasure in plastic wrap and then in aluminium foil and stored them beneath the twisted roots of cedar trees to freeze over the long, harsh winter for future meals. They were soooo happy and thanked The Giddy Garden Gnome for her inovative interpretation of a wonderful, Irish favorite.

Although Giddy was simply happy to help her friends, as payment for her services, they spread Irish blessings and good luck to all who sample her recipe.

The end.

O.K. kiddies, now that the tale is over, it's back to reality. For those of you who may think the Leprechauns shared their bottle with me, please rest assured that I'm as sober as the proverbial judge! The wee folk just got into my imagination today!

The next part of this post is the saga of "The Rat"!

We awoke this morning and noticed the "boys" were no where to be found upstairs. "Oh", says I, "I think they must have found a mouse downstairs".

Upon further investigation, it was apparent that Spike and Sluggo were on the hunt.

As suspected, I found them downstairs in the family room having obviously cornered the vermin under the armoire. They were both on point, taking their task quite seriously.

Unfortunately, despite my assistance with the flashlight and a long stick, we could not flush the prey from it's hiding place.

I left the boys to their chores and had to leave for another assignment. We will continue to monitor the situation and report accordingly.

Life, and sometimes a wee bit of fantasy, is Good!

Hugs, Giddy


Kerri said...

A charmin' wee tale, Miss Giddy! Aren't you just the sweetest gnome to think up such a scrumptious dish to use up the left over mashed spuds for the wee folk?
I hope the boys manage to locate the beastie and dispatch it in a suitable fashion. :)

Zoey said...

I can see why the faeries and wood nymphs enjoyed that little treat. I think a dollup of sour cream would put it right over the top.

Hmmm.....crawling on the floor with a flashlight looking for imaginary villains under that cabinet.......and you want us to believe that you were not sipping a little leprechaun libation...O.K., Miss Giddy, whatever you say....

Giddy said...

LOL! I had so much fun writing this post! Sometimes, ya just gotta get weird, right?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. I could hear that Irish lilt in my head with the new colcannon recipe ! my last name is O'Connor .. so it is a done deed !LOL .. looks so good you had me drooling here girl !
The boys are earning their keep with the mouse watch .. my girls say hello by the way .. they are amazingly good spider catchers .. they more than earn their keep with that chore .. ugh !
Good luck to the mouse in your house ? he'll NEED it ! haha