Thursday, December 11, 2008

Howling Winds, Again

We here in the GFN (Great Frozen North) are accustomed to cold windy nights and days, but yesterday was a doozy! The wind and gusts were by far not the worst we have ever experienced, but it seemed so much more frightening. I think it must have been because the wind was pushing directly toward us from the south. We normally get it from the north east, just giving us a glancing blow, but this wind buffetted the house with a direct hit. We thought the sliders were going to come crashing in at times.

We hunkered down for the duration and today, warily ventured out to see if there was any damage and how much. H's first sight was shortly after daybreak when he ventured up the road to fetch the newspaper at the end of the drive. There, he spied a huge spruce which had been uprooted and was perched on Route 1 almost over the center line. Fortunately, the Maine Dept of Transportation was on the lookout and promptly came by and cut it up. Unfortunately, they just left the rest of it for us to take care of later!

In the background, you can see stacks of Poplar from a previous blow down.

All totaled, we lost about 10 trees, but we couldn't get out to cut and stack them up as the wind and rain were still a huge problem.

While we were not without electricity, our satellite was wavering in and out, so I could not finish this post until today.

I spent the time going through photos on my computer and getting a few chores done. I also made a batch of English Muffins - they are delicious!

They may not be as even and pretty as Thomas's, but they sure do taste good!

And just look at those nooks and crannies! Can't you just imagine the butter melting into those toasted babies? Yum!

Not one to sit idly, twiddling my thumbs, I also knitted up this really neat bag. Just the thing for when the cashier asks if you'd like your groceries bagged in paper or plastic. My answer is always, "No thanks, I have my own bags".

And, of course, the boys were on task chasing all the Asian Beetles that seemed to come out of the wood work and buzz around the lamps. I guess they gave up on the mouse in the family room. We haven't seen hide nor hair of the little rat so maybe he was fortunate enough to find his way back outside.

And so ends another couple of days in the Great Frozen North. Hope your week has been warm and wonderful.

Life is Good,

Hugs, Giddy


Zoey said...

I hope the wind has calmed down by now.

Did I read that correctly--you lost 10 trees in one storm? Wow, I can only imagine how strong those winds were.

I must say your English muffins look wonderful. I eat one almost every day at work, but they don't look nearly so good. I hope someday I have time to bake bread. There is nothing quite so comforting.

Katknit said...

What gorgeous cats! We have three of our own at the moment, all formerly homeless. Gotta love em!

Anonymous said...

We had a little wind yesterday, but nothing like that. It was warm enough to take away all the snow/ice we had on the ground and in the trees.

I was talking to a friend down in Rindge, NH this afternoon, and they are still without power (since Thursday) and may not get it back for several more days.

Glad to read you are okay. I did hear that mid coast was hard hit.

Kerri said...

Our school, and others in the area were closed today. I think the ice storms further north have made them nervous. We were anticipating icy conditions and some snow, but it turned out to be a fairly quiet day weatherwise. We're getting freezing rain tonight though, and there's a severe weather alert for Friday.
We ended up with about 8" of snow last Friday and schools were closed. The kids must be having a ball!
That wind you had sounds really nasty. It sure thinned out your woods!
Those muffins look soooo good! Yum indeed!
Your hands are never idle...Giddy the busy bee! That's a neat bag.
Your boys are looking very sleek and handsome, as usual :)