Friday, October 10, 2008

Road Trip to Moosehead Lake

We knew the weather was going to be perfect last Friday, so we packed our old kit bag with munchies and water and headed out to Greenville on Moosehead Lake.

Oh, and what a wonderful trip we had! As we progressed farther west inland, Mother Nature's palette began to deepen with colors so intense we oohed and aahed over every tree, one more brilliant than the next.

This stop at Guilford is one of our favorites and I had to take a picture of the covered bridge!

This shot is taken from the bridge, looking north at the colorful trees and their reflection in the water.

Looking out the other side of the bridge gives a perspective of the rocks and the water streaming past under the bridge.

Not neglecting my class assignment to look for light and shadow, this shot of the far end of the bridge caught my eye.

On to Moosehead lake and Greenville, we stopped at Lily Bay State Park. The peace and quite of the park was so serene. If only we had spotted a moose, our day would have been complete.

Unfortunately, the only excitement of the day was being "mooned" by a stately pine tree!

We had lunch at the infamous Black Frog restaurant, where if you order the Skinny Dip beef sandwich, it's free of charge if you jump into the lake from their dock "au naturel". Needless to say, I paid for my lunch! We did, however, spy the tour boat "Katahdin" leaving her berth for a three hour tour. Unlike Gilligan's tour, I'm sure she returned just fine.

Outside, I spied a photo op in the bay. Leaves floating in the water.

A road trip in New England in the autumn would not be complete without a photograph of a picturesque white church nestled among the golden maple leaves.....

.... and, of course, my blog would not be complete without a few pics of the kitties!

His majesty, the Spikester sat still for one moment and allowed me to take a quick pic. Oh, those mesmerizing eyes!

Sluggo, of course, is always up for a glamour shot!

Yes, Life is Very, Very, Good!

Hugs, Giddy


Anonymous said...

Some really good shots, Giddy. Are the leaves about done up there? Our are just flying off the trees today.

That church was beautiful, and you are right about them being true New England.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy ... the pictures are beautiful ! .. and they encourage me to get out tomorrow and try for a few more shots myself.
I really love the back drop of a blue blue sky .. and water to show off those leaves .. they can't help but be stunning ! .. love the "mooning" of the tree .. and NO .. I wouldn't jump naked in any water for my lunch to be free either .. LOL
The boys look so healthy and happy .. same here with a "poser" and "are you seriously trying to take my picture ?" .. kids ! haha
Great post .. you make me homesick for the east coast again ! ; )

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Greenville! I love Greenville. I lived there in the late 80s and was the director of the Moosehead Marine Museum. It was wonderful to see the photo of the Kate, and of my old stomping ground. Thanks, Giddy!

Kerri said...

It certainly does look like a perfect day, and you took some truly beautiful photos.
Driving to work this morning, seeing the sunlight shining through those orange and gold leaves was pure pleasure. Life is good indeed with such awe inspiring beauty all around.
Kitty pictures are always much appreciated. Give those handsome boys a pat for being so cooperative :)
I'm smiling at the cheeky tree photo :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos and a lovely trip. I love covered bridges. I never saw a pine-tree butt before either, that was a first for me.

Zoey said...

What a great autumn day trip.

We lost most of our leaves overnight with some very gusty winds and rain.

Sluggo looks very regal in that pose.

I thought for sure you were going to tell us you got a free lunch! ;)
Loved the mooning tree.