Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Spooky Out There!

The sun has dipped below the horizon and the moon is not yet out. Here in rural Maine, that means it's pitch black out there right now - a perfect night for spooks and goblins to be out and about. Gratefully, we have a long, dark road to our house and it's been several years since we've had any Halloween visitors. Yesssss! The chocolate is mine, all mine!! Bwahahaha!

His Highness, Prince Sluggo is blissfully unaware that tonight is a cat's night to howl. He's much more interested in napping in the late afternoon sun in H's life sucking chair.

I've been experimenting with the various settings on my camera and came across a setting for photographing food. Well, isn't this right up my alley? Photography and food? The fun has just begun!

The fruit bowl.....

Today's baking efforts. H found a great recipe for Muffaletta so I baked these rolls for tomorrow's gustatorial delights.

One of the Veteran's Club members passed away last week and there will be a memorial service for him tomorrow, so I baked one of my Chocolate Squash Cakes for the service. The aroma throughout the house was indescribable this afternoon and it was all I could do not to cut in to Harry's Cake!

I've been fighting a sinus infection all week and unable to get outside to complete some of my photography class assignments, so looking around, I decided the shower curtain in the small bathroom afforded some interest.

Hey, if ya can't get to the beach, look in the bathroom!

Life is Great!

Happy Halloween!

Hugs, Giddy


Zoey said...

Neat that you have a food setting on your camera. I wonder what is different about it....

Hope your sinus infection is going away so you can enjoy the weekend.

I didn't end up with any trick-or-treaters either tonight. So I think I will go grab a candy bar right now!

tina said...

Who needs chocolate when you have such great foods around like that mufaletta and chocolate cake? It looks yummy.

Giddy said...

Zoey, I don't know what is different, but it seems to take really nice close ups.

Hi Tina, thanks for checking out my blog! I noticed you are in TN. Our youngest son lives in Mt Juliet, just outside of Nashville. We too, are retired military. I'll be checking in to your blog frequently!

tina said...

It is such a small world nowadays. I enjoy your blog. Found it through Blotanical. A pretty neat place. ttyl

Kerri said...

Well, you greedy girl, I hope you shared some of that chocolate with H! ;)
Sluggo sure knows how to relax :)
Cool...a food setting...and great food photos! Yum, those rolls look so good! You've got to stop teasing us like that!
Harry would've loved that cake. May he rest in peace.
Very creative shots of the 'beach' in your bathroom :)
Hope your sinus infection is all cleared up by now.