Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Digital Photography Class

I've been taking some really neat (well, in my opinion) photos with the camera I purchased earlier this year after my point and shoot Olympus gave up the ghost after serving me for literally thousands of pictures. I love my new Olympus but decided it was high time to get off the AUTO setting and learn how to use the camera properly. Soooo, I signed up for a digital photography class and had my first meeting last week.

Here's the scenario: This class consists of 8 lovely silver haired ladies who haven't a clue how to use their spiffy new cameras! Upon leaving this first, fully fact filled session, we all stumbled to our cars with a glazed look on our faces, looking for all the world like deer in the headlights. Technology has definitely passed us by!

Our first assignment was to read our camera manuals. Right. ISO, Fstops, aperture openings, portrait, landscape, OEV, depth of field, focal points, Oh! my aching head.

Class # 2 today was more of the same except we actually got to take a few pictures. We also discussed light and how it affects our photos. Extremely informative, except our "homework assignment" is to take lots of portrait photos in different light situations. OK, I know Spike and Sluggo aren't going to pose and I think the only way I'm going to get any shots of H is to sneak up on him when he's asleep in his life sucking chair. Fat Chance!

Any way, here are a couple of photos taken at class of flowers (after all, this is a gardening blog) and one I took of the beautiful leaves turning their brilliant fall hues.

Sluggo did sit still for one glamour shot!
Life is learning something new every day!
Hugs, Giddy


Anonymous said...

Good pictures, Giddy. What an expression on the cat's face.

Anonymous said...

Manuals? You mean we're supposed to read those things? You're doing great~love the photo of Slugger!

Patsi said...

Funny post.
Pics look great. Love the kitty.
I hope you can maybe teach the rest of us what you'll be learning.
Need all the help I can get. :)

Kerri said...

Wish I could go with you to those classes. Oh yes, manuals...tell me about them! First we have to learn the language :) But I actually have learned a lot from them..along with much trial and error.
Learning sure keeps us busy, doesn't it :)
That's a wonderful autumn shot. Sluggo looks like he's saying, "OK, just one, then you must put that thing away!"