Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hanna Blows Through Downeast

Two days ago, Tropical Storm Hanna literally blew through Maine and dumped 7+ inches of rain over Acadia National Park. Yesterday, H and I drove over to the park to walk our favorite path along Jordan Stream. We always take a picnic lunch with us and hop across the stream to sit on a favorite rocky area to eat. Well, t'was not to be yesterday as the stream was about as wild as we had ever seen it!

What is normally a gentle, meandering stream along the path was a cascading rush of runoff rain water madly making it's way to the sea.

This is how it looked about 10 feet upstream from our "picnic rock".......

And this is how it looked with the water pouring over the rock! Needless to say, we found another spot for our picnic.

This little green grass snake crossed our path and was kind enough to stop for a glamor shot before wriggling away at an incredibly fast rate.

This was an interesting rock. After staring at it for several seconds I found a couple of animal faces in it. Can you spot them? I saw a dog's face on the left and a lion's head on the right. I have no idea who that little old lady in front is! "-)

The signs of the coming autumn were everywhere. The air had a crispness to it and many of the leaves were beginning to show signs of the shorter days.

Seed heads were forming on the native grasses.

Berries were beginning to turn red and black. I have one of these shrubs near my driveway, but don't know what it is. It blooms white in the spring and now has these lovely pinkish berries that slowly turn black. Anyone know what it is? I'd love to find out.

Here's another shot with both colors and the leaves.

Life is Good!

Hugs, Giddy


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Giddy, aka "old lady" ??? LOL
Those were great pictures of the water rushing by .. it looks like such a lovely place to take a walk .. we have areas like that around Kingston (if only we would work up the energy to do it ? haha)
I didn't see the faces until you described them .. then bang ! I saw it .. I need help when it comes to things like that.
I'm not sure about the srub (almost has berries like Beauty Berry shrubs or Cotoneaster ).. very pretty !
Great pictures for an old gal ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. There is nothing like the north woods for beauty is there?

I saw the faces right off. Good ones, too.

Some chickadees visited this morning while I was outdoors. What you said the other day is right on. I AM looking forward to the fall birds.

Ratty said...

Hi, it looks like a type of dogwood, though I'm not sure which.

I've been looking at some similar plants, but with white berries, that turned out to probably be gray dogwood.

Zoey said...

Yes, I can see the faces in the rock. Neat.

How exciting that you got to see the rushing stream right after the storm.

Kerri said...

Acadia has so much beauty! What a gorgeous place for a picnic...on another day, that is. The stream is beautiful overflowing with the rushing water.
Yes, I can see the face in the rock! That little old lady sure is cute, whoever she is :)
I don't recognize your bush, but it sure is pretty.
Well, I'm off to bake that cake! Hope you have a lovely weekend.