Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

I'm not a tree hugger or fanatic environmentalist, but H and I do what we can to protect Mother Earth here on our 2 1/2 acres.

So, in observance of Earth Day, here are a few things we do:
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Line dry them from April through November and sometimes into December
  • We grow many of our own vegetables in our garden every summer
  • What we can't grow, we try to buy locally, in season
  • We compost our kitchen and garden waste
  • We take our own canvas bags to the grocery
  • We recycle cans and glass
  • We use organic fertilizers and avoid pesticides, when possible
  • Despite having a heavily wooded property, we plant new trees every year. Last year, I planted about 100 white pine seedlings
  • We save gas by waiting to combine our trips into town with other errands
  • We keep our vehicles well tuned and regularly inspected
  • We plan frequent kayak trips instead of road trips
  • We use low energy CFC light bulbs
  • We turn off lights when they're not needed
  • We don't leave our cell phone chargers plugged in
  • We heat with wood, a renewable and sustainable energy source
  • In the winter, we also cook soups and stews on our wood stove, saving propane

I was going to post a few more pictures, but Blogger is having a bit of trouble and won't let me upload any more.

Anyway, Happy Earth Day to all my garden blogger friends.

Life is good, especially in the garden.

Hugs, Giddy


Barbee' said...

Good for you! I wish everyone were as conscientious as you. We do several of the things on your list, too. If I lived in outside a neighborhood restriction area, I would have a clothes line for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yay Giddy! You rock, that's a great list. And honestly, most of the items on that list are not that difficult, they just require commitment and planning.

I am looking forward to one more wash and line dry of the flannel sheets before I put them away for the winter -- they smell and feel so good! I LOVE hanging the laundry out to dry.

Margo said...

Thanks for that post, Giddy! I too "celebrate" every day, and do a lot of the things on your list. I'm glad you pointed those things out, it's really encouraging. Composting, lightbulbs, unplugging/shutting off, and efficiency are all steps we can take.
Love the photos, and looking forward to the hiking season to come. Have been listening to the cornell ornithology labs' bird-call library http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/ - I miss the sound of the nuthatches! They crack me up. We don't hear them where I live, sadly.

Anonymous said...

That is a really good list, Giddy, and you guys should be proud. Funny though, how many of those things Maine folk have always done. Are we ahead of our time or just smart, thrifty people?

And yes I know, someone will say I am not a true Mainer, since have only been here 38 years!

tightey whitey said...

Jeez Mom, did you stop shaving your legs too? I've got some old Grateful Dead records you can borrow.... ;0)


Giddy said...

Yes, Barbee', it's unfortunate that many new subdivisions consider laundry fluttering in the breeze unsightly.

Henbogle, I put the flannel sheets up about a week ago.

Margo, thanks for the link to birdsongs. I've been wondering what some of them are.

Sandy, I know I'll probably always be considered a "flatlander" up here, but I do have an ancestor buried on Deer Isle, so hopefully, that counts for something. "-)

Brian, once the legs get prickly, I do cave in and shave! You can keep the Dead records since I don't have a turntable anymore and I'm too old to have appreciated their music.

Susie said...

We also try to celebrate our Earth every day. We don't have nearly as much property, but we recycle, grow veggies, compost, hang laundry outdoor and buy very energy efficient appliances.
Great photos!

Terra Hangen said...

Your new deck and the view of water from it are so dreamy. Hey, I wrote a post about garden gnomes on my blog on April 10. Gotta love those wee folks.

Kerri said...

Good for you and your hubby, Giddy! We do most of the things on your list too...although no kayaking here unfortunately :)
Ross plants trees most years too. He planted 1200 this spring...with a couple of young men to help, thankfully.
Do you ever use Picasa to post photos? It works well.

Kerri said...

Oh, and Giddy, Ross says if we save the hair from our legs perhaps we could use it to knit a sweater :)
Your son sounds like mine..a wiseacre :)