Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Guess What? No Snow!

There hasn't been much to blog about lately. Just snow, ice and more snow. Sooo, my Muse hied herself off to dream of warmer days, leaving me bereft of any thoughts whatsoever.

Today's sun and the surprise blooming of my "Christmas Cactus" has brightened my spirits enough to get me off the couch to pen a few short lines.

The day is quite blustery today with gusts up to 50 miles per hour, kicking up some great white caps on the cove and bay.

But, look! The yard is almost free of snow and ice! And with today's winds, the melting should be fast. (About time, grumble, grumble)

Nothing seems to bother Spike and Sluggo. They just entertain themselves.

Or, just a nice nap on H's pile of clothes......

while Spike prefers to nap in the sunshine on the rug.

I took a quick lap around the yard before heading off to knitting class and was delighted to find several crocus leaves popping up along with a few daffodils and hyacinths. I think that from here on out, there will be something new in the garden every day.

Life is Good!

Hugs, Giddy


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Huzzah! I'm so glad you can finally see your garden again. Time to sharpen your pruners & dig out your weeder.

Zoey said...

It looks like your yard is ahead of mine in snow loss. I think it's going to be above melting for the next few days so maybe I will catch up with you.

I have not been out yet for my walk around. I will probably do it next week to see if any tulips are up. I want to spray them before the deer eat all the new ones I planted last fall!

My Christmas cactus is blooming a little now, too.

kris said...

What a great shot of the cove and bay - beautiful. Lucky you - no snow!! This week's hit is about half gone now - I haven't heard if we're getting more - who needs news like that?? Looks like the kittys are happy!

Giddy said...

Boy, am I ever ready to get those pruners out! There is so much to do this month, but the weather is not quite cooperating just yet.

Zoey, we don't have a problem with the deer. They don't seem to like our security lights that come on with motion.

Kris, I think you'll be snow free soon, as well.

Kerri said...

The cold wind is bugging us here too. It's just so unpleasant to be out in it for more than a few minutes, even though the sun has shone brightly all day.
How lovely to see your yard free of snow! Ours is too, and there's even a faint tinge of green in the grass.
Jasmine and Maxine have spring fever and have been doing the mad romper room thing. Jasmine goes in and out like a crazy fool..frantic to get out, then 5 mins later, frantic to get in :)
We should see some flowers soon Giddy!! (my snowdrops are blooming..finally).

rowena said...

My mother (bless her soul) used to have a lot of those christmas cactus plants. They sure do make pretty blooms!

I came across your link because I was wondering what the general opinion is on gnomes in the garden (btw, great blog title!). You can find them here in Italy, but they're not a big deal to many gardeners. For example, my husband would never agree to one, even if I think they're cute!

Anonymous said...


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Susie said...

Glad most of your snow is leaving you!
We're deep into spring here and loving it. Our cat, Vincent, is enjoying the nice warm sun on the patio..Yours look so handsome!

Anonymous said...

My christmas cactus is blooming now, too. I wonder if this winter messed up their schedule?

Most of our yard is clear, but not as clear as over along the shore. Our resident mockingbird showed up on Saturday, and boy has he got some weird song this spring!

I agree, I think from now on we are going to start seeing daily spring signs.