Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pizza Night!

On my last post, H was preparing his famous homemade pizza - a comfort food for the impending snowstorm. Here, we continue with the process.

He first begins with making the sauce and sauteeing the fresh mushrooms in a bit of olive oil.

Secret herbs and spices are added to the sauce. Oh my, but the aromas are beginning to waft about the house!

He gathers the rest of the topping ingredients together; mozzarella, pepperoni, provolone. He usually makes one with spinach and roasted red pepper topping, but we forgot to pick up spinach at the store.

He proceeds to the mixing part. H is a dough purist, using only water, flour, salt and yeast for his dough, taking care to make "rather loose a dough", as he puts it.

H doesn't throw his dough into the air, but he does like to play with it!

Rolling the dough thinly, he puts it into the pizza pans we have had for the past 30 or so years. They're almost antiques!

And the first pie is ready to pop into the oven. Yum, we are mere minutes away from a delectable treat.

And, into the oven they went!

The finished product! There wasn't much left over and H and I settled into a pizza stupor, groaning in our life sucking recliners. It had been a very busy, physical day of plowing and shoveling snow, so we didn't feel the least bit of remorse over our gluttony. Well, maybe just a little.
Of course, no post is complete without a picture of one of the kitties getting into trouble. Sluggo was helping me wrap gifts with raffia. Unfortunately, he got caught up in the bag of raffia and we had to untangle him.


Zoey said...

I think it's cruel and unusual punishment to show me those scrumtious-looking pizzas when I had crackers with cheese squirted from the can for dinner!

Anonymous said...

I am so hungry for pizza, and it is only 6:48 am! I don't know if it is H's cooking, or your photograpy, but this is one fine post.

Merry Christmas to you both,

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Gosh he shovels snow and cooks too. Definitely a keeper. Good to see that you all are warm and healthy after all that snow.

Merry Christmas.

Kerri said...

Lovely, cozy, scrumptious pictures Giddy. I'm very hungry for pizza now! I wish my hubby liked it, but alas, he doesn't. Phooey!
I always adore your kitty pictures. That Sluggo is quite a guy :)
I hope you and H had a wonderful Christmas, and that 2008 will be rich with blessings. Happy New Year!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Have you got your black eyed peas and greens ready for the new year?
Happy New Year Y'all!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Have you got your black eyed peas and greens ready for the new year?
Happy New Year Y'all!

Anonymous said...

You know . . . i could live on pizza alone!
~Happy New Year~
I have been away and i sure miss my gardening-blogger pals!
Hope your year is full of goodness, peace and love and lots of flowers!

kris said...

That pizza looks scrumptious!! I may have to make some today. I love your kitchen - so cheery!!

I'm catching up on your posts - love the kitty photos - too funny that you had to rescue one from the raffia. :)

You are getting a ton of snow - I thought ours was bad - HA! Of course, it's early yet and no doubt we'll have a chance to catch up. I was all excited because it's supposed to hit 30 today - now I see that was with a 30 mph wind! sigh

I enjoyed the July photo of your planter - lovely.

Your parents are indeed an inspiration with their volunteering - great photo of them. Kudos to you and your hubby for all you do too. The animal shelters are near and dear to my heart.

Best wishes for the New Year, Giddy!!